Never Assume Your Body Is Not Changing Over Time

Grooming mistake to avoid

In your 20’s, it is easy to overlook the pains your body has as it repairs and heals rather quickly. In your 30’s, You upgrade your style to reflect your age. Your grooming habits will require an upgrade as well.


As you ease in your 40’s, you will need to pay more attention to those minor pains. Left unchecked they can lead to major diseases. Your body requires more maintenance. You tend to focus on the wrinkles and thinning hair but don’t neglect your mouth. Yellowing teeth will make you seem older and diminishes your appearance and confidence.


Your dental health is closely linked to your overall health and gum diseases are more common as you age. Since they are associated with a higher risk of heart problems, don’t skip those visits to the dentist.


The maintenance routine that made you look fantastic when you were younger often won’t cut it as you grow older. It is important to accept your body changes with time. So be sure to upgrade your routines and products to reflect your age and keep you looking your best for as long as possible.


Avoiding Proper Skin Care Will Cost You

proper skin care

You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their face. You don’t want to look like a wrinkly leather bag in your later years, so start now protecting your face and skin.

Your routine should start with an exfoliator to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.


Use products that contain things like retinoids and antioxidants, they will stimulate collagen renewal and increase the cell turnover in your skin. Without the use of a moisturizer, you could kill your chances for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Everything from a hot shower to shaving can leave it dry and cracked.


Apply a lightweight moisturizer with SPF to the face and neck daily to calm the skin and replenish the moisture content. With the regular use of the right kinds of skin products, you will diminish those fine lines and wrinkles. You are never too old to slow down the process of aging by taking care of your skin.


Using Improper Shaving Methods

Using Improper Shaving Methods


It takes time and practice to find the right shaving tactics for your skin. Take the time to educate yourself about razors, aftershaves, creams, and brushes to find what suits your needs.


Your methods should include the following set of steps:

  • Prepare your face for a shave by using a towel soaked in warm water or shave right after a shower when your face is relaxed and your pores are open.
  • Utilize a pre-shave oil, it will act as a lubricant and provide a closer shave.
  • Skip the aerosol cans of shaving cream since they contain unnecessary chemicals that dry out the skin. Instead, opt for a quality shaving cream.
  • Using a brush, apply the shaving cream in a circular motion with upward strokes to lift the hair up and away from the face.
  • Avoid using cheap, disposable plastic razors. Using a fresh blade ensures less irritation to the face.
  • Using slow, gentle and smooth razor strokes, shave with the grain of hair growth. For a smoother finish repeat the shave against the grain.
  • Clear the hair in between the blades by rinsing it every few strokes with warm water.
  • Use cold water to rinse the face and pat dry with a soft towel to reduce irritating the skin.
  • Applying a lightweight moisturizer will re-hydrate your skin and further reduce irritation.


Once you’ve been shaving for a while, you can vary your routine by making small changes. By modifying your shaving routine you can bring yourself closer to that perfect shave.


Haircuts Need To Be Regularly Scheduled

Schedule haircut

Don’t wait until you suddenly realize one morning you need a haircut. That could be the day of a big interview – it’s likely you’ll end up spending more at an expensive salon out of desperation or walk out with a hairstyle that doesn’t suit you.

Have a routine schedule for your haircuts. At the end of your appointment in the barbershop or salon,  set a fixed time and date for your next haircut. Setting up a day and time every month when your barber can expect to see you creates an automatic process that saves you time later.


Proper Understanding Of The Overall Body System

Proper Understanding Of The Overall Body System

Approach your appearance with a holistic perspective. There are other factors that play an important role in how healthy and attractive you look. If you have an unbalanced or poor diet, you are dehydrated, you get little or no exercise or your stress level is high, you will speed up your body’s aging process.


Apart from your regular grooming rituals, these important factors need your attention:


  • Diet: Food is the information that you feed your DNA. Be conscious of what you are consuming. A proper diet affects your appearance, mood, and your energy levels.
  • Water: Consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water everyday. An active person will require more than 8 glasses a day. Hydrated skin is more supple, making it appear more youthful and attractive.
  • Reduce stress: Cortisol, this hormone is released in a stressful state. It dehydrates the skin and makes you look tired. Meditate daily to reduce stress.
  • Sleep: Resting allows your body to regenerate. Fewer hours of sleep are likely to show up on your face. Ensure that you are getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • Exercise: Physical activity releases endorphins, these are the feel good hormones produced by the body. Regular exercise increases blood flow and nourishes skin cells. The increased flow of blood will also help to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Kick toxic addictions: Give up smoking, drugs, and excessive consumption of alcohol if you want to maintain healthy skin. These toxins wreak damage on your organs and have a visible negative effect on your face and body.


Despite our hectic lifestyles, it is possible to maintain high standards for your grooming by developing and maintaining a disciplined system.

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