How To Dress Like A Gentleman

What is the importance for you to dress like a gentleman? Most men look like slobs. They take no pride in their appearance when in the public eye. Appropriate dress and appearance won’t make you a pansy or a metrosexual. A man can look gentlemanly and still keep up his edge.

“A gentleman’s taste in dress is upon principle, the avoidance of all things extravagant.”

~Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton

dress like a gentleman

The general rule for men’s appearance and grooming is to let his attire fit the event. It is silly to appear at a formal occasion in casual pants and a t-shirt. In like manner, a man would look extremely odd dressed to the nines for a trip out into nature.

Keep it simple

Any attempt to be prominent is in awful taste. Never wear much jewelry or any piece of attire because of its high cost. Effortlessness ought to preside over a respectable man’s attire. Below are simple yet on point tips for you to keep in mind to dress like a gentleman.


Dress like a Gentleman

Your Style

Know enough about fashion to abstain from looking odd, yet dodge the extremes of current trends. Keep your wardrobe up to date with the present designs. Never caught dead in girl jeans or a trucker cap. Stay with a classic look and you’ll never go wrong. A young fellow may take after the trends more than an established man, however, let him abstain from going to the extremes, lest he will be taken for a half-wit.


Your Scent

Utilize little cologne. Too much cologne is in awful taste. Avoidance of adolescent body splashes is advised and put resources into cologne.



Have flawless oral cleanliness. Brush your teeth twice per day. A white smile and clean breath will far in making yourself presentable. Purchase a tongue scrubber to improve your breath freshness. Most foul breath is developed on the tongue. Always carry gum and mints with you and utilize them throughout the day.


Shave guide for gentleman

To Shave Or Not To Shave

Shave every day. If you shave, do it every day. Nothing makes the face look sadder as your chin peppered in short stubble. Obviously, there are times when facial stubble is fitting and looks great on a man. For instance, stubble while outdoors or taking part in some other open-air activity is completely acceptable and much of the time is to a great degree alluring to the opposite sex.

Keep your facial hair or mustache perfectly trimmed. Wild facial hair development is unsightly. Keep yours trimmed. Whiskers and mustache styles ought to be implemented to suit the face.

dress like a gentleman


Keep your hair clean and straightforward. Make visits to the hairdresser to trim the hair on your neck and around your ears with a specific end goal to keep up a slick appearance. On the off chance that you wear your hair long, make certain to wash your hair completely. Longer hair is harder to clean. Discover a style that is straightforward.


Your Hands

Cut your nails – don’t chew them. Like it or not, women are looking at your hands. Ensure nails don’t have any snags or jagged edges from biting on them. Utilize nail clippers to trim nails.

dress like a gentleman

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