Tips For Dressing On A Budget

Many men out there want to look sharp however the reality is that many men are dressing on a budget. So you fancy the idea of dressing on point but your bank account won’t allow for custom tailored suits. Do not fret. Below are just some of the ways that you can be dapper without breaking the bank.

Thrift Stores

Don’t think that you are above shopping for and wearing pre-owned items. Some of the best deals can be found in thrift stores, consignments shops, and second-hand shops. Make it a habit to stop in every month or two. The results will vary depending on your body type but the prices justify the time it takes you to look.

Every once in a while, no matter what your size, you will find a hidden gem. You can expect to spend a little bit of money to have an item repaired or resized. You can find an expensive suit that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars for only $30.00. The extra few dollars that you spend to have it altered are well worth it and also an exceptional deal.


dressing on a budget for men


E-Thrift Stores 

Internet savvy and willing to put in the time? You can find almost anything on the Internet for very cheap prices. The downside is that you can’t try clothes on via the internet. You are at the mercy of product descriptions. This can be incomplete or even falsified. There is little that can be done until they arrive and you can try it on. Be sure to use caution when buying second-hand clothes online.

Sticking to websites that you know and trust are always a good bet. However, it’s a good idea to see what others have to say about a website you are thinking about using. Look for extra protections or return services and consider registering for memberships.

When dressing on a budget expect to have to return or exchange about half of what you purchase online. So plan accordingly and be sure to avoid “All Sales Final” websites.



Sales and Coupons

Most of us think of coupon clipping as generally being associated with grocery stores. It is also an option for smart clothing shoppers as well. You can use websites to track sales and get special offers from brands that you like. It is a great idea to subscribe to the mailing lists of the stores that you like to shop. You will end up getting some offers in your inbox that you don’t need. Additionally, this will expose you to some deals and coupons that you can use. It is worth the effort when you get those big discount offers on the higher priced items. Especially items that you have been wanting or just couldn’t afford normally.


Spending More Less Frequently

Gentlemen that need to save for a few months before making an investment in clothing should focus on making only 2 or 3 significant, high-quality purchases a year. Focus on the items that will do your wardrobe the most good. Buying the best quality items that you can afford you are better off in the long run.  Your wardrobe will be slightly less varied.  You will have gotten more value for those hard-earned dollars than if you purchased fewer quality items more often. When you need more variety, use accent pieces like pocket squares, neckties, and unique belts, which are less expensive.


Tailored Adjustments

Make your dollar go farther when dressing on a budget by spending $10 to $20 dollars per item to get them fitted to your body. This really makes a difference. Some of the adjustments will be small and inexpensive. Others will be more costly but all of them are worth the extra expense. There is a difference between wearing second-hand clothing and looking like you are wearing second-hand clothing. After a garment has been tailored there is nothing to make people think that it is any less than the latest look hot off the rack. A gentleman values the big upgrade in his wardrobe for the low price of tailoring a second-hand item.


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