Sometimes it’s the little details that actually pull an outfit together. Cufflinks do just that — Up your style game by adding a scent of sophistication to your wrist. They also help to hold and secure your shirt cuffs, which gives them popularity over most men’s jewelry with a function other than fashion. Let’s answer some frequent questions about men’s cufflinks and see if these beauties are the right accessories for you or as a gift for your beloved ones.

What Are Cufflinks Used For?

The purpose of a cufflink is to provide a decorative and a functional way to fasten the cuffs of a shirt.

Who Wears Cufflinks?

Ladies have jewelry for every single occasion. Diamonds for an elegant evening, pearls for formal, silver, white or yellow gold for every day, and costume jewelry for enjoyment. What about men though? Gentlemen normally wear cufflinks as a sign of status. Centuries ago, when they first came into fashion, elite men would wear them as a luxury item. Don’t forget that cufflinks have a tendency to be produced out of gold, gems, and valuable stones that can cost a lot of money. Traditionally, they were kept as heirlooms and passed down to younger generations.

The Beatles reinvigorated cufflinks for men by incorporating them into their refreshing rock and roll statement. Now cufflinks were worn by rockers and style mavens of all types. The demand from a new demographic began to grow. Thus requiring new and exciting never seen before more youthful and playful designs. To meet this new challenge, Cartier produced their famous heart-shaped cufflinks. Bulgari launched their famous diamond shape with blue enamel setting. David Webb introduced his miniature animal designs and Dinh Van used zen imagery in his cufflinks for men. Now, anything is possible and cufflinks are available to match any personality and occasion. They are worn by men and women from every class, profession, economic background and nationality.

How To Match Cufflinks

You could pick a pair of any color and style that appeals to you and see how they turn any business suit, formal wear or casual shirt and jeans into a well-dressed and stylish affair. Normally cufflinks are worn with double cuff shirts, which are worn with suits (as opposed to jeans and blazers). However, young men, college students, playboys, and junior executives like to wear double cuff shirts with jeans. It’s the ideal touch of formal to go with a casual outfit. It says ‘I know fashion, but choose to be relaxed’.

There are other approaches for men to jazz up their outfits. Men are now wearing leather, string, and silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, sunglasses, and earrings. Cufflinks are still a classic accessory. They are an easy option that says a lot about how a man takes care of himself.

Are Cufflinks Supposed To Show?

When your arms are at your side, no more than 1/4″ of your cuff should be showing. Only when your arms are bent up, out in front of you or your jacket is off should you be able to see your cufflinks.

Are Cufflinks Still In Style?

Absolutely!, Cufflinks have come a long way from days past and the rules are changing for men’s accessories. New styles, colors, cuts, and fits have come along however, the cufflink is now more popular than ever. From business to casual this accessory is widely accepted and used by the modern gentleman.

What Are Cufflinks And Studs?

Some tuxedo shirts have an extra set of holes above the buttons on the front of the shirt. These holes are used for attaching button studs that match your cufflinks. Simply insert the studs through the back of the holes. Then insert them into the front of the shirt just like you would the buttons. There are normally four or five button studs per shirt.

Are Cufflinks Too Formal To Wear To An Interview?

If you are interviewing for a position in the corporate world, financial sector or legal field then cufflinks are acceptable. It shows that you are serious about your look as well as your work. Showing up to an interview for a landscaping or construction position would be considered over the top.

Do Cufflinks Make Good Groomsman Gifts?

Cufflinks are often given to the groomsmen as gifts for participating in the big day. Engraved sterling silver cufflinks are a great economical choice that can be worn long after the wedding day is over. Matching the groom’s cufflinks to a similarly styled cufflink for the groomsmen helps the groom to stand out while still keeping the overall continuity intact.


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