A Gentleman’s Dress Code – The Five Key Pieces Every Gentleman Should Own

A gentleman’s dress code isn’t complicated. Generally, style is an individual expression and the objective is to feel sure making your own style, not to duplicate other men’s. All things considered, there are a couple of looks that are immortal and on point. You don’t need to wear them consistently, yet you ought to have the capacity to rise to the challenge when it’s called for.

We’ve kept this gentleman’s dress code guide short. There are plenty of other items that are likewise amazing and great to possess. In the event that you purchased just these things and stopped there, your closet would be a bore. In any case, you will never go wrong owning one of each of these things. So possess them.

A Really Good Pair of Jeans

5 clothing every gentleman should own from GentlemansGuru.com


When it comes to a gentleman’s dress code, it doesn’t make a difference if you have many pairs of jeans or on the off chance that you just possess one – make it a quality pair. What makes a quality pair? They ought to be durable, versatile, and comfortable. The objective is to have pants that can be spruced up, dressed down; either way – they ought to look similarly great matched with a plain white T-shirt or with a sharp-cut suit coat. (Perhaps both at the same time) check out The Ultimate Gentlemen’s Guide For Jeans


  • Dark indigo is great and timeless
  • A slim fit, particularly in the seat and groin (however not excessively tight)
  • No extreme decrease or flare beneath the knee sits
  • Waist should sit a touch lower than slacks – simply over the highest point of the hips is perfect
  • No tears, marks, stains, patches, or larger than average labels
  • A standard four or five-pocket layout
  • No outrageous complex stitches or over the top zipper/ button colors


The objective here is a casual style. Pants ought to look relaxed and unforced. There is no need to get fancy with them. Have a few sets of well-worn jeans for when you’re really working, however, you should also own at least one pair that is really nice and can be worn with anything. You won’t regret spending a little bit more up front to get a pair that will last you for years.


A Plain White Dress Shirt

gentleman's dress code From GentlemansGuru.com


Like a great pair of jeans, a quality white dress shirt is essential to your wardrobe and definitely worth owning. When it is time for business, white dress shirts are the highest standard. On the other hand, they can also be paired with an old pair of comfortable jeans and look just as good. In addition, they will work fine with a range of other items in your wardrobe.

Don’t be afraid to un-tuck it and roll the sleeves up to make it work with shorts.  The gentleman’s dress code reminds you to adhere to the fundamentals. Your basic white shirt ought to have a point or a spread collar, basic barrel sleeves, and – obviously – a better than average fit. Keep it clean, bleach it to dispose of stains, and press it (or have it pressed) so that the front is free of wrinkles and the neckline lies level. That way you’ll always have a good-looking upper body regardless of where you’re going or what you’re doing.




A Pair of Dark Leather Shoes

Gentlemens Dress Code From GentlemansGuru.com


In the event that you aren’t the type of man that owns many sets of shoes, make a point to have one set of dark leather ones in your wardrobe. The style can vary depending on your needs. For strict business attire, plain dark oxfords are the main choice. Men who don’t have much call for business attire can go with a more casual dark shoe or even a dark brown pair. The fact of the matter is to own a quality pair that you like.

They may feel too dressy, particularly for men who are used to exercise or training shoes or engineered material work boots but rest assured that leather shoes dress down fine and dandy when you combine them with pants and a casual belt. Similarly, as with the other must-have things, it’s justified to spend a little more money on a better than average pair that fits great. With a little cleaning and polishing from time to time, they will last you for ages.



A Navy Blazer

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A gentleman will most likely have six or more jackets in his wardrobe. Be that as it may, each man ought to possess at least one navy blue blazer. Blazers are a very adaptable garment. They’re somewhat dressier than a sports coat, however not as dressy as a suit. That makes them an awesome default whenever you need to look “decent”. You can go to chapel in a jacket, you can go out on the town in one; you can even show up on TV in one. Keep your first blazer simple and classic

The navy shading is an absolute necessity; the standard metallic buttons are discretionary and can be changed out with dark-colored leather, horn, or mother-of-pearl in the event that you choose to go with a low contrasted look. The fit of a blazer is important – they should be a touch boxier than the standard sports coat. Toss it on to spruce up any look, and wear it with certainty to anything shy of a full business dress setting.




Gray Wool Trousers

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Of the all the items that are on this list, very few men arguably own gray wool pants and that is disastrous since they’re the perfect pants for almost any setting. When you need to look dressier than denim, you have loads of alternatives, yet few are as straightforward, functional, and adaptable or practical as gray wool. They can fluctuate from light to medium to dark charcoal gray, and the fleece can be a lightweight flannel, worsted, or even a finished weave like herringbone.

The basics aren’t excessively particular, past “wool” and “gray” – and, obviously, a good fit. Purchase a quality pair if you don’t already own them.  You may feel somewhat overdressed in them the initial few times out, yet you’ll rapidly understand that they can be worn even in extremely easygoing settings for a look that is not strange – but rather that is somewhat more sophisticated than all of the pants wearing men around you.

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