A Guide To Men’s Cologne And Scents

Our topic for today is men’s cologne and scents. For many men, cologne is a part of their wardrobe as well as a part of the daily grooming routine. Therefore, it is worth a short overview.

Less is more; let me repeat, LESS IS MORE.

A gentleman’s scent should only be detectable to those within your physical space. Your scent should only be noticeable if you are hugging someone. In addition, dancing closely or in a crowded space where bodies come into contact with yours. If others can detect your scent beyond your physical space, you are wearing too much.


When you wear cologne, a spritz at the collarbone is sufficient for most applications. Applying more than one scented product to yourself can cause a clashing of odors. You want your scent to be appreciated, not repel others. Cologne, scented deodorant, and masculine scented soap or body lotion, when combined, can be an overwhelming amount of scent for some.

The terms and language used to describe men’s scents can be challenging. Do not to worry. Most of those terms and creative wording come from marketing teams dreaming up ways to sell the product. Since knowledge is power, here are some things you should know when shopping men’s cologne or scents.


men's cologne guide

Strength Of the Scent

The oil content in the scent is a determining factor in the strength of the scent as well as how long the scent will last. Products with a higher oil content, such as cologne, will have a longer lasting aroma and require less to be applied while eau de toilette blends or EDT, have a lower oil content and should be used when you need just a hint of scent.


Cost Factors

Since the perfume industry moves in cycles, knowing the year a scent was released makes a difference. Some brands scent collections can differ dramatically from year to year and in some cases, season to season. Try purchasing small bottles of the men’s cologne you like in order to give yourself more options unless you use a particular scent often and require a larger bottle.

The price you pay for men’s cologne should also be taken into consideration when making your scent selection. Say you are lucky enough to find a scent you like and it only costs $30 but perhaps it has a minor flaw like being a touch too strong or too sweet -that isn’t a big deal. However, if you are purchasing a bottle of the perfect scent and the cost is closer to $300, it better be spot on for you. The more you pay for a scent the more you should be demanding of it.


Other Options

If wearing cologne isn’t an option for you, you might choose to add a scented deodorant, a mildly scented aftershave or perhaps even a body lotion to incorporate scent.


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