Every gentleman wants to look his best, even when traveling. Here our expert shares a simple guide to packing clothes. There is no one right way to pack a suitcase, however, there are plenty of wrong ways. How you pack your clothes will have a direct impact on how they will look when you unpack. The goal is to have them looking as unwrinkled and disheveled as possible.


Placing your shoes in bags and putting them on the bottom of the suitcase works well for keeping other items clean. It also protects the shoes from any mishaps that might happen with products leaking while in transit.  Slacks and shirts can be folded and laid on almost anything else. Jackets can be a big challenge when packing and there are several ways to deal with them.


Dress shirts should be folded by first buttoning the shirt (except for the cuffs) and place facedown on a flat surface with the arms out to the sides. Next, take one arm and fold it over the back of the shirt, bringing half the body of the shirt over. Then you fold that same arm back on itself and down at an angle. Repeat on the opposite side. Bring the shirttail halfway up the back, then fold the bottom half once more to meet the shoulders. Finally, flip it over and smooth out any creases. Now it can be placed in the suitcase and laid on almost anything else.


Guide to Packing Clothes


For pants and dress slacks you need to keep the following in mind. Casual pants are best rolled up and placed towards the bottom of the suitcase. Lay them on a flat surface, match the seams together and roll from the bottom hem to the waist. As for dress slacks, it is best to clip them to a hanger and place them in a garment bag for best results. However, that isn’t always possible. If you must place them in your suitcase, it is best to fold them into thirds and place them in a dry cleaning bag. Placing them on top of everything else will ensure little movement in your case and resulting in fewer wrinkles.


Jackets can be a big challenge when packing and there are several ways to deal with them. A garment bag is made for the purpose of dealing with larger and bulkier items on hangers. If you are a creative packer you can turn the jacket inside out, roll it into a tube with the jacket lining facing outward. The advantage of this is protection for the exterior fabric and avoids folding that will leave creasing.


Investing in a Dopp kit or other small watertight bag to place your toiletries in is a must. Just one cracked bottle of shampoo or cologne in your luggage is one too many.  These bags should be placed on the bottom of the case like shoes. Smaller items can then be tucked into and around the cracks of larger items or even stored inside of shoes.


There you have it gentlemen, our guru’s guide to packing clothes. Implementing these simple steps the next time you need to pack should result in fewer wrinkles and less hassle.

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