Why Be A Gentleman?

A Gentleman’s Guide

In today’s society, we have become more and more informal. In some ways, this is a good thing. However, in becoming more informal, men have lost the knowledge of simple manners and etiquette basics. There is much more to being a gentleman than simply dressing the part. In this guide, we will discuss some of the benefits of being a gentleman.


Gentleman's guide


Gentlemen Are Always Respectful

People respect those that are respectful. A gentleman is respectful to everyone they meet regardless if others are respectful in return or not. Gentlemen give respect because it is important to show that he values another as an individual.  That he honors the personal rights and dignity of a person as a fellow human being. This type of behavior earns you the respect of others as a consequence.


Gentlemen Are Always Trustful

A gentleman is honest about all things he does. By using politeness and considering others, he creates an atmosphere of trust and puts others at ease. Gentlemen must build trust in order to achieve their goals. Gentlemen in high-trust relationships communicate well. They don’t second-guess one another. They understand why they are doing things and will to go the extra mile to ensure that goals are met.

These first two points can certainly help a gentleman in his career. Gentlemen become successful by winning the respect and trust of others. This can propel them to succeed in all aspects of their life. Let’s look at some more examples in our gentleman’s guide that can be gained from gentlemanly behavior.


Gentlemen Understand How To Treat A Lady

This is very attractive to women. Being an attentive and respectful man will always be favored by a lady and held in higher regard by them. Women simply adore being treated like ladies and a gentleman is always happy to oblige them. Gentlemen value women for far more than simply their bodies. A gentleman desires to be with a certain type of woman. One who respects herself and demands she be treated as a human being and not an object. They desire strong women who know their worth and who have something to bring to a relationship.


Gentlemen Know When To Show Discretion

Gentlemen are careful of what they say to anyone, anywhere, at any time. They are careful because they realize that all self-expression affects relationships and generates a response in others. This practice applies to business and professional situations as well as personal ones. It is better to be prudent than merely courageous therefore discretion is the better part of valor.


These are just several examples of how one can benefit from behaving in a gentlemanly fashion. We believe that through this gentleman’s guide we are educating today’s men to raise the standard and quality of their behavior. Ultimately, we are striving to bring back these forgotten practices that are so highly valued and needed.



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