Men’s Jeans Types – What Style Is Right For You?

Gentlemen, today we are talking about jeans for men. We’ve all got that favorite pair of jeans that we like to hit the town in. But are these jeans truly giving you the designer look and physique that you’re going for?  In this article, we’ll be showing you several of the most common fits of jeans. As well as making a specific recommendation for you based on your physic.

These are by no means strict rules, simply our recommendations to help you look a little better. We’re going to work our way through the most common styles. From the loosest fitting jeans all the way through to the slimmest fitting jeans.


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Bootcut Jeans

They are generally narrow fitting around the waist but loose throughout the leg and towards the ankle. Unless you’re planning on wearing boots every day, then these truly are a dreadful option. The problem with this style is that when you walk normally the bootcut jeans don’t bend in the same way. They don’t follow your leg line properly.

They also look like you’re from the nineteen seventies. These jeans for men, unfortunately, send out the message that you are not particularly bothered about your appearance. Or that you’ll happily wear anything that can physically fit into which isn’t very good.

Show Off Your Assets

Most bootcut jeans for men have an excessive amount of space around the bum. This huge amount of space makes most men seem like they’ve got thinner legs than they already have. I’ve seen a lot of slim guys trying to pull off the bootcut look. They think that the width of the jeans is going to make their legs look wider. However, that’s not the case. The illusion of this actually works the opposite way.

The problem with wearing bootcut jeans if you’re a skinny man is the amount of excess material which can be seen as you walk. They make you look like you’re not filling the jeans out properly. Thus giving the opposite impression – that you are actually thinner than you really are. We wouldn’t recommend bootcut jeans to any of you gentlemen out there, unless you may be a cowboy.


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 Relaxed Fit Jeans

The only people that you really see wearing this style of blue jeans these days are the stereotypical American University students and there’s a reason for that because they do look a bit sloppy. As the name suggests these jeans definitely look relaxed and can sometimes look a bit lazy. The problem is similar to the bootcut style. When you’re taking steps in these jeans they don’t follow the natural bend of your leg.  They bunch up and can sometimes go around your shoes on to the floor. It’s what you see 15-year-old kids wearing when their mom dresses them improperly.

Again, if you’re a skinny guy, we would highly avoid the relaxed and loose fitting jeans. Because they are so widespread throughout the leg, it makes you look like you’ve got no bum.  Many ladies like a reasonable peachy bum on a guy. They also make you look like you’ve got incredibly thin legs.

Frequently see gentlemen wearing this type of jeans. This is most likely because it is hard to find other jeans in their size. However, the problem is it makes you look a bit disheveled. Because they’re so wide, if you are a short guy, they can make you look a bit boxy shaped. We would avoid relaxed fitting jeans. They do sometimes fit right but perhaps you could go for a bit slimmer style. Next, we’re going to dive into some better options.


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Straight Cut Jeans

Gentlemen, we are into some more acceptable territory here with straight cut jeans. As the name suggests, straight cut jeans pretty much go straight down. They are a bit less baggy than the previous two entries in this list. We recommend them for the gentleman who doesn’t want to look too young yet still wants to embrace their maturity. These would be the best choice for someone of a mature age range. If you’re looking for something that’s going to benefit your physique more, choose a slightly slimmer option. Although these straight jeans do follow the leg when you’re taking steps, there are some slightly better options.

These straight cut jeans are the better choice for more of the heavyset man. If you enjoy a couple beers and are carrying a little bit weight, start off with a straight cut jean. Once you lose a bit of weight you can wear the slimmer styles. The problem with jumping straight into a skinny jean if you’re a heavy guy is they can really be uncomfortable. You will end up looking like a sausage rather than a human being.

We find a lot of these straight jeans on the market are quite long. You don’t want to cover up a lot of your shoes. If you’ve got a really nice pair of shoes that you want to wear, stay away from this option.  Go to something a bit slimmer so that it ends a little bit higher up your leg. That way you can see your fancy footwear. Over 50%  of men wear straight cut jeans. However, the little more relaxed fit jeans have a bigger benefit to their shape and size.


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Slim Fit Jeans 

These are our recommendation for the majority of young to middle-aged men. First of all, slim fit jeans can help you to look a little bit taller, let’s say for instance you are a short gentleman, maybe five foot seven, and you’re trying to look a bit taller without having to buy higher heeled shoes. Slim fit jeans are a good choice because they shape so well around your legs. They can actually make you look a little bit slimmer. In addition, they can make you look taller and thinner which is what you want to go for.

For average build or slim guys, the slim fit jeans can actually make your legs look more muscular. Many men obsess over their legs. They feel like they need to go to the gym to make them look wider. Slim fit jeans are surprisingly good for doing this.  Now traditionally people believe that if something is tighter it might make you look a bit thinner. That’s not always the case.

We see men who are wearing relaxed fit jeans and it looks like they have sticks inside of the jeans. With a slim fit jean, there’s less room and this naturally makes your legs look more full. The slim fit jeans definitely take a little bit more confidence to pull off. However, they also give you a better look overall. So be prepared to show off your physique to other people and be proud of it,


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Skinny Jeans

This style is very similar to the slim fit jeans. They just are a bit tighter on the leg. This includes through the thighs around and down to the knee area through the calf.  As the name suggests, skinny fit jeans are perfect for skinny guys who struggle to find stuff to fit them properly. Especially the legs. Some people have a false impression that skinny fit jeans are skin tight. That really isn’t the case. Many places sell varying widths of skinny jeans, some places offer jeans that are really quite tight. Some places offer the skinny fit jean that is almost as wide as the slim fit jeans,

Tight skinny jeans do still have some excess material, which is what you want to look for. You want a little bit of excess material to make sure that they are not like women’s jeans. These jeans are going to look even more filled out with a majority of men. If you’ve got really thin legs these jeans are going to be a good alternative to the slim fit jeans.

Now there is one big rule with skinny fit jeans. If you put them on and you are carrying a bit of weight, they can look much worse than the slim fit jeans. Usually, it is women that are guilty of wearing things that are too tight if they overweight. This can also apply to men as well. Skinny fit jeans really show off your shape and also your assets. Many ladies out there actually like a reasonably good bum on a gentleman and these jeans help to show it off.

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