Gentleman, in this latest series we are going to be discussing men’s pinstripe suits and exploring personal style. Let’s face it, there are plenty of sites on the internet that can tell you what is on trend or what is off track in men’s fashion. To be perfectly honest, it is all a matter of personal preference. Men have been wearing suits for, well for what seems like forever. For a brief history of men’s suits, you can read more here.

Today, we are talking pinstripes. There are varying opinions about the origins of Men’s Pinstripe Suits and when it started to become fashionable. Some fashion historians claim that in an attempt to identify their employees, banks would use varying styles of stripes in their uniforms. Pinstriped suits have long been worn by bankers and businessmen as a sign of their ranking in the business world.

Hot or Not?

Look in any fashion magazine or online blog and you will get varying information as to whether or not the men’s pinstripe suit is currently in or out of fashion. All of these opinions can be rather confusing. In essence, it comes down to what you want to wear. Fashion rolls in cycles, one day it’s hot, the next it’s not and in a few years, it’s hot again.

So let’s break it down a little further shall we? Some men can pull off the pinstriped suit and look like they have walked out of a fashion magazine. Classic and sleek. Some men look like the suit is wearing them and it is wrong in all ways possible. Choosing the right pinstriped suit for you doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

What is a pinstripe suit?

Traditionally, there are two types of men’s pinstripe suits. Those dark suits with light stripes and those light suits with dark stripes. The dark suits with light stripes are the epitome of business formal wear and ties. They command attention and respect of the wearer. The light suits with dark stripes have long been worn in the more casual attire such as cotton blazers often seen at summer parties and horse races.


Mens Pinstripe Suits


7 Tips About Men’s Pinstripe Suits

Here are 7 tips for you to keep in mind when selecting men’s pinstripe suit and how to properly pull it all together.

Chalk Stripe or Pinstripe

First, know your stripes. People often confuse chalk stripes for pinstripes.The pinstripe pattern uses a single fine thread to create the effect of a pinhead spot, while the chalk stripe pattern uses a series of light threads to resemble a line made by tailor’s chalk.

Pick a Width

Secondly, when choosing a stripe width, selecting one that complements your height and body type is important. Chalk stripes tend to be wider and can make you appear to be larger than you are. If you have a larger frame the chalk stripe should be avoided. If your frame is smaller, choosing the smaller pinstripe will elongate your body and you will appear taller.

Choose a Color

Next, make sure you are wearing a pinstripe suit in the right color and to the right function. While you can wear pinstripes to the office you can also wear them business meetings and to evening events. However, black tie affairs and out to the clubs are not appropriate places for this suit. Traditional colors of black, navy and gray with white or light gray stripes are considered formal or business formal, colored pinstripe suits are definitely casual attire.

Two Out of Three

If you are bold enough to experiment with the mixing of patterns, be careful. It is not easy for the novice to pull this off so stick with solid colors. Shirts in the same color as the stripes on the suit are your best bet or you can select a shirt that compliments the suits color. Avoid choosing a tie that matches the suit stripes exactly. If you do decide to mix your patterns, remember “the two out of three rule” – pair your pinstripe suit with a patterned shirt and solid tie or with a solid shirt and patterned tie.


pinstripe suit mens



Remember that men’s pinstripe suits are a statement in themselves and don’t need much in the way of accessorizing. A pair of cufflinks on a French cuff shirt with a contrasting collar is enough. You can take it a step further by matching your metal cufflinks to your watch or try matching your leather watchband to your shoes.


To keep your look classy, try matching your tie to the color of your pinstripes or for a look that is a little bit more contemporary, choose a spread collar shirt and pair it with a thickly knotted tie.

Pulled Together

Lastly, remember that even though sporting a men’s pinstripe suit takes a little effort, once mastered you are sure to stand out from the crowd and be remembered for being on point and pulled together.


Q&A :

Can you wear a pinstripe suit with a striped shirt?

Stripes-on-stripes is a demonstrated classic look. You might need to abstain from wearing stripes of coordinating style, at any rate until you have a vibe for the look. Attempt thin-stripe shirts with your chalk-stripe suit, and you’ll look clean. Be that as it may, don’t put on a striped tie or handkerchief, or you’ll resemble a Cubist.

Can you wear plaid and stripes?

It’s frequently said that plaids and stripes don’t blend, all things considered, stripes run with everything, including plaids. Truth be told, prints are truly mixable no matter how you look at it. You simply need to remember these four hints. On the off chance that the hues look great together, as a rule, the prints will look great together as well.

Can you wear stripes and polka dots?

Take a stab at something striking by wearing just stripes and polka dots. Or, on the other hand, you can be more unpretentious like the look beneath. Just the shoes and scarf have polka dots while the shirt is striped. Having a strong shade of Trousers or bottoms truly help separate the outfit.

Can you wear a striped shirt with a striped tie?

The shades of your shirt and tie ought to be complimentary or planning. … In the event that you wear any another example but no stripes, the dress code is the same: thick stripes on a shirt run with thin or little examples on the tie; while thin stripes or patterns shirt run with thick stripes or patterns on the tie.

Can you wear a striped shirt with a black suit?

There is surely no preclusion against wearing a striped shirt with a black suit. The ultra-customary standards are, by and large, (A) either your suit or your shirt can be striped/designed. However, not both, and (B ) the example on your tie ought to be apparently “greater” than the stripes on your shirt.



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