Your Guide To Men’s Slim Fit Suits

Gentlemen, our topic of the day is men’s slim fit suits. We were not all created equal it. While we have big and tall sizes for those that have more mass, there are those that also have less. The slim fit suit has emerged as the latest trend for those gentlemen with smaller or more compact frames. In actuality, these suits have been worn for decades.  However, they were never considered to be on trend as much as they are now.

For decades men’s fashion towed the same old line of cuts and colors but everything evolves, even men’s fashion. That standard three button suit that served you well for so long is now outdated and needs an upgraded. Today’s trends are offering newer cuts with bold colors and patterns. Many of which haven’t been seen in men’s fashions before. 



What Are Slim Fit Suits


Fit, youthful males with slim legs and trim waistlines tend to look best in these designs. The athletic body can be perfectly encased in a smart, body-hugging ensemble. These suits feature tapered waists and legs as well as narrow measurements for the shoulders.

Those who are hoping to conceal trouble zones will usually want to avoid these options, given that they sheath the body with a very minimal amount of fabric. The materials that are most commonly used in these designs are comprised of durable fabric blends, which make them flexible, easy to move in and much cheaper to clean and maintain.

Jackets for slim fit suits feature slim lapels. The pants have a flat, fitted front rather than traditional pleats. The legs of these pants also tend to be a bit shorter than normal, making the right sock and shoe selections essential.


Things To Keep In Mind


Slim Fits suits

Not everyone can afford to run out and grab the latest styles and colors. Never fear, there are ways to spend your wardrobe dollars wisely. Here are a few guru tips if you are interested in purchasing slim fit suits or skinny suits. It is always best to have a suit made to order if you can afford it. 

It is rare that you find a suit that fits you perfectly when shopping off the rack. You will need to take it to a tailor to have it altered to fit your body perfectly. Spending a few extra dollars to have this done goes a long way. It makes a less expensive suit look more expensive than it really is. A bad fitting suit, no matter what the price, is worse than not wearing a suit at all.



What Makes Men’s Slim Fit Suits Different?


Standard classic fitting suits are a bit roomier in fit and cut. Slim fit suits are trimmed down with less bulk but still very comfortable for most gentlemen. The more tailored look of the slim fit suit makes you look more refined and pulled together. You can read more about suit styles and how they compare to British and Italian styles here.

Our bodies come in all different size and shape combinations. Skinny fit suits have shorter lengths in the torso as well as the arm length. If you have a longer torso or arms this look will not be as flattering to your shape. The arm holes are higher and there is almost no added padding in the shoulders or in the jacket panels. This allows the jacket to hug the torso at the waist and arms more closely. Thus producing a slim and trimmer silhouette. 


The Right Fit for Slim Fit Suits


Slim Fits suits Guide

Slim fitting suits have shoulder seams that fall at the end of the shoulder blade. This allows the jacket to lie flat as intended. If the seams fall beyond the end of the shoulder blade they will pucker the excess fabric. This creates what stylists call divots and makes the suit seem dated. If the seams fall too close to the neck they stretch the shoulders fabric. You will look too bulky as if the suit is too small.

You should be able to button all the buttons on your jacket without any pulling or straining of the buttons. This will make the suit look ill-fitting. A properly fitted skinny suit will have approximately an inch of space between the torso and the jacket when buttoned up all the way. Any more space than that will look like the suit is too big. Any less space will create a straining on the chest and waist fabric. This results in a less than desirable look.

Most modern fit suits have no fixed lapel style. You will find wide peak lapels as well as standard notched lapels. The skinny fit suit will always have a slim notched lapel design that is much smaller than standard suit lapels. This is what helps to distinguish a slim fit suit from a modern fit or classic fit suit.



The Trousers 


Slim Fit Suits Trousers guide

The fit of the trousers is different as well. A modern fit suit has trousers that fall at the natural waist and they tend to be pleated. Slim fit suits have trousers that fall below the natural waist and sit more on the hips. The cut of the trouser has what is referred to as a flat front. That means there is less fabric in the front and legs when compared to suit pants that have pleats. This helps you to look trimmer and more fit. The length of the trouser is also shorter and more tapered near the bottom than those of modern fit suits. They fall just above the shoe rather than below the ankle like a modern fit suit.


Slim Fit Suit Materials


Slim Fit Suits Materilas


The first feature that men should consider when selecting slim fit suits are the materials that these garments are comprised of. Certain, shiny fabrics create a flashier look that is best suited to non-professional environments such as dance clubs and social gatherings, while other matte selections are more indicative of sophistication and boast a highly-flexible and adaptable look that works well in many places.

It is also important to note that the flexibility of the materials will ultimately determine how comfortable the garment is and how well it fits. Given the small point-to-point measurements for the shoulders, a flexible fabric is necessary for getting good arm movement.

Stiff, unyielding fabrics can make it a challenge to raise the arms and will also compromise easy mobility in a variety of other ways. It is additionally important to note that buyers should select fabric blends that remain breathable and which allow for good air flow. This will prevent the development of embarrassing sweat stains and will ultimately ensure that the suit maintains its visual appeal a lot longer.

Mixing And Matching Slim Fit Suits


what are slim fit suits

The true beauty of slim fit suits is that they allow men to flex their fashion skills. These tend to look best when they are mixed and matched, allowing for visible color blocks, rather than one simple line of color. For instance, men can pair dark slacks with a lighter top and a coordinating shirt and accessories.

Matching jackets and pants can provide a sleek look for formal events, however, they do not maximize the aesthetic potential of these combinations in less formal environments.


What To Wear With Men’s Slim Fit Suits?

What To Wear With Men's Slim Fit Suits?

When you opt to wear men’s slim fit suits it is important to remember that you will want to also wear a slim fit shirt and tie to complete your ensemble. Wearing a standard dress shirt with a slim fit jacket will produce bunching underneath the jacket. Thus making you seem disheveled. In addition, wearing a standard necktie will make the proportions of the slim fit suit seem off. Opt for a slimmer tie no more than 6 mm in width to keep your look sharp and on point.


What you choose to wear with your suit is completely up to you. The days where it was required to wear black leather shoes with any colored suit are long gone. The current trend in men’s slim fit suits is to complement them with sneakers. Loafers worn without socks also offer a more casual relaxed look.  

Shoes for a Slim fits suit

Choose a more refined shoe selection for business or more formal occasions. Try to find a sleeker and more slimming shoe style to complement your slim fit suit. Wearing shoes with a more rounded or almond shaped toe helps to accomplish this look. Especially if you have a larger sized foot. The standard dress shoe or those with a squared off toe will make your feet seem almost clown-like and comical with a slim fit suit.

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