Men’s Style Guide – Simple Ways To Improve Your Look

In this men’s style guide, we are going to discuss why many men could be looking and feeling better by making what some small cosmetic improvements. The easiest way to do this is by wearing clothes that properly fit your body type.

Many of us have fallen into the routine of dressing in baggy or oversized clothes in order to be comfortable. There is a vast difference in being a comfortable slob and a comfortable gentleman.

Proper Fit

Often we find ourselves wearing baggy clothing in order to disguise things about our bodies we are not proud of. Ultimately this just causes a different set of issues. As a big-framed man dressing in oversized clothing, you look more out of shape. As a small-framed man, you will look like the clothes are wearing you.

No matter what size you are wearing, properly tailored clothing makes you appear to be more fit and trim. They will have you more on point and will make you feel more confident overall. As we know, confidence also equals success. Ultimately, it isn’t about hiding or accentuating your body. It is all about owning what you have, it projects confidence that you will see and others will feel.


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Wardrobe Basics

Now there is no need to go crazy and toss out all of your clothes or spend thousands on an entirely new wardrobe.  Simply start with one piece. A dress shirt you already own is fine. In most instances, it will be baggy in the midsection and in the arms. Have it altered to fit YOUR body: most dry cleaners offer this service for a $12 to $15 fee. After you try on the shirt and they take their measurements, leave them to do their magic.

After you try on the shirt and will see the difference that tailoring makes, it will alter your relationship with clothing and you won’t want to go back to the way you used to dress. The people around you will notice a difference as well. They will sense your renewed confidence and hold you in higher regard.

Soon you will be going through your closet to see what else can be altered or gotten rid of, making space for new items that you will be happy to wear.


Guru Tips:

Keep in mind when shopping for shirts to avoid collars that are flimsy. Collar stays, the little plastic or metal tabs that reinforce the edges of your collar should be used at all times. A good collar frames the face and makes a world of difference in your appearance.


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