Men’s Undershirts – What You Need To Know

In this guide to men’s undershirts, we are going to discuss why even though most people are not going to see this item of your wardrobe, your undergarments do require consideration, if for no other reason than your own comfort. Every gentleman makes his own choices about his most intimate articles. It is far better to have them than not, both above the waist as well as below.

Even though they are not particularly alluring, there are several practical functions to underwear.  In addition to protecting the body from stiff fabrics that can cause chaffing, underwear aids in the absorption of sweat and helps to keep your private parts from stirring.

Men’s undershirts can be much less expensive to replace than say a new pair of pants or a dress shirt. So in the long run, it is worth every penny you spend to place a thin layer of cotton between you and your clothing. Undershirts can help to prevent your dress shirts from becoming stained by perspiration and help to keep the crotch of your pants from becoming musty with body odor.

Many men choose not to wear that extra layer of fabric. If you are one of them, not to worry, there aren’t any fashion police on the lookout for those not donning an undershirt. However, it is worth the small investment in the extra layer. When you are selecting men’s undershirts, keep in mind that you want a style that suits your physic and how much you perspire.


Men’s Undershirts – Selecting The Right Style For You

  • The T-shirt style of undershirts is functional and basic, the sleeves will come partially down the upper arm area and will cover the entire armpit. The crewneck style t-shirt has a higher collar and absorbs sweat on the chest and back very well. The drawback to this style is that the neck of the shirt is visible if you don’t have your dress shirt buttoned to the top.
  • The V-neck style of undershirt has a triangular notch at the neck and solves the issue of the crew neck undershirt. If you aren’t wearing a necktie or you are wearing a shirt that exposes part of your neck and collarbone, the V-neck undershirt should be your choice.
  • Sleeveless style undershirts usually have a lower scooped neckline and therefore won’t be visible when wearing a shirt that exposes more of the neck. If you perspire heavily, this is not the style you want, as there is no underarm coverage.
  • Long sleeved styled undershirts afford added insulation in the cooler months and many are made of synthetic microfibers that are high performance, providing extra wicking of perspiration. Often they will be more expensive than the average t-shirt however, they provide under layers that are invaluable to more active men.

No matter what style you select, remember that a snug fit and a lightweight fabric are key. If your undershirt is ill-fitting, it can’t do its job of absorbing sweat and will actually aid in the wrinkling of your over shirt.

For the less active gentleman, a simple cotton undershirt will work just fine. It isn’t fancy or very absorbent, however, it is inexpensive and easy to clean. For those gentlemen who are more physically active, choosing a higher performance material is worth the investment.


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