Gentlemen, the topic of discussion is men’s wardrobes. As we have discussed in previous posts, you are aware that your wardrobe is an investment in yourself. You should always be buying the best quality garments that you can afford. Then having them tailored is necessary to make you look and feel confident and comfortable.

Making your garments look good for as long as possible is key to the longevity of your wardrobe. Men’s wardrobes can be expensive and they take time to acquire so let’s talk about how to preserve your investment.

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Men’s Wardrobes – Maintenance Basics

After arriving home, remove your jacket or sportcoat and drape it over the back of a chair. Take off your slacks and lay them on the arm of the chair. Never return your clothes directly back into the closet, allow them to air out overnight.

In the morning make sure to examine them for any stains or spills. Clothes that are constructed of high-quality natural fibers usually only require a damp washcloth and some light rubbing to remove any unsightly marks. Use a handheld blow dryer on the lowest setting to remove any leftover moistness.

When putting items back into the closet, hang that pants or slacks by their cuffs onto a hanger with clips. Gentlemen never hang their trousers over a standard hanger. It will produce knee level creases that will need to be ironed out before their next use.


Avoiding Problems

Returning your clothes to the closet with spots or stains will attract moths to your wool items. They will come to lay eggs in the fibers of your garments. Especially if there are already food stains for the larva to feed upon. Hanging cedar chips helps to keep these pests away but clean garments do an even better job.

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Sending out your clothes to the dry cleaner should be done as seldom as possible. However, it cannot be completely avoided. Even the best dry cleaners use chemicals that will weaken fibers over time, especially synthetic fibers. High-quality garments are often stitched together using synthetic thread. They will eventually fall apart or dissolve after repeated exposure to these chemicals.

Some high style clothing may have fused seams, basically, they have been glued together. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are particularly hard on fused seamed garments and will dissolve the glue and thus ruining the garment. This is why it is so important for a gentleman to pay attention to his wardrobe. Do not send items out for dry cleaning after every use. For information on how to dry clean your clothes at home, check out the article from the HomeTipsWorld Network.

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Men’s Wardrobes – Neckwear Care And Storage

Let’s get started with neckwear and the dos and don’ts of this delicate accessory. First, determine what type of fabric the tie is made from. Cotton, wool and knit ties are best stored by rolling them up and placing them on their sides. This keeps them free of wrinkles and out of direct sunlight which can damage them by fading them over time.

Silk neckties should always be hung up. Hang silk ties when not in use. This is the best way to let gravity do its job in removing the minor wrinkles. Thus allowing the fabric to breathe. The manner in which you accomplish this is up to you. There are several products on the market designed to do this job. Try a tie rack that extends out for better accessibility. Use a tie butler that is more compact for those with fewer ties. If you are on a budget, the coat hanger in your closet works just as well. It keeps your silk ties free from wrinkles and organized without taking up much room.

No matter how you choose to store your neckties they should always be untied after use. Failure to untie your neckwear will result in damaging creases that are hard to remove. Ultimately this will break down the delicate fabrics on your favorite tie. Never remove your necktie by yanking on the slimmer end and pulling it through the loop. Again this puts unnecessary stress on the fabric, breaking the fibers and stretching out the fabric.

Bowtie Care

Bowties will need to be hung up or placed back into their original box when not being worn. This helps them retain their shape and original color. Untie your bowties after each use and remove any wrinkles. Then fold them in half two times and lay them flat for easy storage.

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Investing in a personal garment steamer is worth the money for all men’s wardrobes. It will save you time getting out those stubborn wrinkles without having to deal with an iron and ironing board. In addition, it will save you money by not having to take your items to the cleaners just to be pressed. A garment steamer works great on all your clothing not just your ties but your suits and jackets as well.

If you need to spot clean any of your neckwear, do so with a clean damp cloth. Try dabbing the fabric and not rubbing the stain into it. Many ties will be altered forever by the use of soaps and solvents used when trying to remove a spot or stain. It is best advised never to machine launder your ties. They are far too delicate to tolerate that type of cleaning.

Even hand washing your neckwear can be disastrous. Water and soaps can cause a fabrics colors to bleed out or to lose its shape. If you aren’t able to remove the spot with the blotting technique, it is best to take it to your dry cleaner and have him work his magic.

Men’s Wardrobes – Shoe Care And Storage

If you have invested your hard earned money into a pair of leather shoes there are three things you must do to keep them looking their best for years to come. Clean, condition and polish them regularly. Suede shoes are a different story since the fabric used to make them can be temperamental. It is best to weatherproof them before using and make sure you have a good stiff brush to keep the nap of the fabric in good condition.

A few things to remember when storing your shoes:

  • Boots should be stored upright using boot stands. If the tongues fall forward, they could end up with a permanent crease after a few months of storage.
  • Leather shoes should be stored in shoe bags. These will help shade the shoes from the light that can damage leather. It will also keep your shoes free of dust. Plastic bags will keep your shoes moisturized and help prevent them from drying out.
  • Store suede shoes in open air (but not in direct sunlight). Some types of footwear can be stored easily in plastic containers. However, suede requires exposure to air in order to breathe.
  • Sports footwear should be stuffed with newspaper to retain the shape and absorb excess sweat. Make sure it’s acid-free paper and avoid using newsprint. This could discolor your shoes.

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Tips For Men’s Wardrobes

You never know when you will need to sew on a button. At home, the office or out traveling always be prepared with a small sewing kit in for these types emergencies. You will be thankful for the button-sewing skills and for having the needed supplies on hand.

Cultivate a professional relationship with your dry cleaner and know his name. This ensures that the dry cleaner knows how much to starch the shirts and how the pants should be creased.

Always point out any stains or spots on garments that are being dropped off. Never assume that the dry cleaner will find them and make them disappear.

A gentleman knows and understands that some spots or stains may not be removable. He does not assume that the dry cleaner is a miracle worker.

Once picked up from the cleaners, examine clothes for lost or cracked buttons, ripped pockets or faulty zippers.

Be aware that professional laundry and dry cleaning will take a toll on garments over time.

A gentleman values his garments and never uses wire hangers for his suits or sports coats.

A gentleman will never use a hanger for his sweaters. Always fold them and place flat on a shelf or in a drawer.

Maintain your wardrobe even down to the shoes. Store them properly when not in use. Do this by placing them in a box or onto a shoe tree.

A gentleman has a collection of spare laces for his athletic and dress shoes.

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