Your Ultimate Guide To Men’s Wedding Suits and Formal Wear


Gentleman, today we will be diving into the subject of men’s wedding suits & formal wear. Trying to decipher all the fashion do’s and don’ts of formal wear and wedding suits can make you want to pull your hair out. So many rules to remember, who has time for it all?

If you have been invited to take part in someone’s special day, a wedding, graduation, anniversary party – choosing what to wear can be a bit confusing. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when selecting men’s wedding suits and formal wear that will have you dressed appropriately for most of these special occasions.



Men’s Wedding Suits


Men's Wedding suits


Weddings are very special events so everything should be splendid on such a momentous day; and while most people are mindful of the bride’s impeccable dress, it’s just as important that the groom would look dashing, hence making a selection from trendy men’s wedding suits is a must. It’s not uncommon to find everyone fussing with the bride, leaving the groom to fend for his needs. But surely, the groom should look just as perfectly dressed on his wedding day, right? So to lighten this burdensome task, you can learn some men’s wedding suits ideas to make the selection process significantly easier.

It’s easy to find stylish wedding suits in various stores and shops, but getting the best pick requires skill and a fair knowledge of fashion trends, too. There are also certain things that should be kept in mind when choosing men’s tuxedos. Remember it’s essential to consider the preferred fashion style of the groom, to make sure that the suit is comfortable, and to know for sure how much you’re willing to shell out for the wedding suit.

The styles for men’s wedding suits are quite plentiful. And while it’s great to be well aware of the latest fashion; it’s essential to go for styles that you’re comfortable wearing. It can’t be denied that each person has a distinct fashion sense, and this has a huge impact on the choice of outfits. But certain tips could come in handy when you’re not really sure what style of suit to wear.

For instance, a lower buttoned jacket is a good choice for those who are a bit hefty. If you want to look taller, then a single-breasted jacket is an excellent pick. Well, the wedding day is definitely one of a kind; hence the groom should look his best while wearing a suit that is to his liking. Besides, it’s even possible to find men’s casual wedding suits that are perfect for the groom who isn’t too fond of an overly formal outfit.


Comfortable Men’s Wedding Suits

Comfortable Men’s Wedding Suits


Comfort is yet another thing to think of when selecting men’s wedding suits. While looking good is a definite plus; it sure is amazing if the groom can do so without feeling too encumbered by the wedding suit. Basically, one ought to go for fabrics that are appropriate for the specific season. Sure enough, no groom would want to ruin the moment by feeling too much discomfort on this exceptional occasion.

On top of it all, it’s quite amazing to know that the price range of wedding suits is simply varied. But your choice would largely depend on your budget. Made to measure suits belong to a somewhat higher price range but its superb look makes a worthy purchase. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any splendid suits that are cheaper. In fact, the stores offer a lot of affordable yet quality wedding outfits. One only needs to search really well so as to have good finds. Indeed, with equal measures of prudence and fashion sense; it’s highly possible to find men’s wedding suits that exceed your expectations.


How To Decide on the Best Wedding Suit

Wedding suit choices

Men usually prefer to dress up as little as possible, but while dressing up for their own wedding they take great care to see that they are not underdressed. Wedding suits help the groom to stand apart in the crowd during the wedding. Similar to the preparations done by the bride for the wedding, the groom will have to start thinking about what to wear for the wedding as early as possible. In the beginning, they may find it confusing as to where to start the search for the perfect wedding suit. They will have to do some initial search in some of the stores in the locality as the first step. Later they will have to decide on the wedding suit they need to have based on some specific criteria.


Budget Available For The Wedding Suit

How much a wedding suit cost


Most people do not think twice while spending money for their wedding suits. While there are some who spend their available budget very carefully. In case of these people, they should first decide on the budget they have on hand for the wedding suit. There are wedding suits of good quality that comes at affordable rates, this will need some searching before they can buy it. The groom needs to consult with a few stores before they can decide on the price range and the best price at which they can get their wedding suit. Another option will be to shop online, as online stores provide good quality wedding suits for men at highly discounted rates.


Variety of Wedding Suits Available

Fashion keeps on changing every day, so do the trends in men’s wedding suits. There are many varieties available today like tuxedos for grooms who are well built and have a good physique. Tailored suits to meet with the unique needs of the groom, Frock coats which are made of the same suit material but are usually preferred by those men who are a bit shorter in height, tailcoats which have been in fashion in the early years but still used to display elegance and style etc. Usually woolen materials are preferred in wedding suits, however, polyester, micro fibers, linen, tweed, Cashmere are also used.


Colors and Materials For Wedding Suits

Material and color of the wedding suit

There are a wide range of colors available for the wedding suits meant for the groom. In some cases based on the color of the brides dress the wedding suits are stitched in pairs. If the wedding is scheduled for summer it is preferable to use light colors for the suits.

One of the main concerns for grooms are their appearance all through the wedding. Since this is one of the most important days in their life they need to look the best. Apart from looking the best they need to be comfortable in the wedding suit they are wearing all through the wedding. The material chosen for the wedding suit commonly is wool. Polyester and micro fibers are also preferred in some cases for the elegant look they provide , but they are uncomfortable to wear for long hours. Linen is the next option for wedding suit materials but they are costly when compared with woolen materials and tend to wrinkle when worn for a long time.


White Wedding Suits

White Wedding Suits

Should I Wear a White Wedding Suit? White suits for men are becoming more and more common, and they are nowadays quite acceptable to wear to most types of Wedding.

Listed here are five good reasons for you to think about:

  1. Fashion is about wearing the right clothes at the right time, and for the right reason. Out door locations are the most appropriate places to wear that fantastic white suit, but the weather must be taken into consideration . Many church weddings take place in early springtime or during the summer season so this can be the perfect time for that white suit to be donned.
  2. Possibly the ideal occasion to wear a white suit would be to a exotic beach wedding or perhaps a registry office wedding..
  3. If you are going for a white suit, make certain its as sleek a fit as you can easily get into, after all the suit is actually a fashion statement, and you will certainly want to look your best, white suits are to be worn and certainly not to be left hanging in the wardrobe.
  4. Men’s white suits are crisp and cool as well as elegant, white also signifies purity, cleanliness, and innocence, white gives you a great feeling of style and power. And a white suit says a good deal more about a man than mere words.

One final thought, remember to buy a subtle pastel colour shirt, a plain simple type, nothing too fancy or frilly, along with a solid tie colour, and a pair of plain brown or even black shoes, this will complete a fantastic outfit.


Brown Wedding Suits

Brown Wedding Suits

Wedding suits for men in different shades of brown have traditionally been fantastic for weddings, but also have the added bonus of being really versatile and can be used for many other functions such as, parties, and other events that are not quite as serious. Brown is also a great colour for all seasons. Brown wedding suits are always fashionable and elegant, a really good feature which brings out the best in every man. Although Brown suits tend to look the best on darker men, they are very versatile and look good with any personality.Brown suits can also be easily matched with earth tones from yellow to gold to tan colours, and brown is also a colour where if you don’t overdo it, you can appear very unique, and remember more buttons on the jacket will give a slimmer appearance.


A word of warning!

Brown is such a haute colour that many wedding gowns this season are picking up brown as an accent color in the bodice so be careful, brown suits with brown dresses will be too much.


Traditional Wedding Suits

Traditional wedding suits

Wearing traditional clothing demonstrates respect both for the person you’re about to marry and for the community of friends and family that will support you in marriage.  Wearing a well-tailored suit with an appropriate shirt and tie speaks in volume about your good taste and impeccable attitude to life.

Grooming Designers from across the globe are trying their hands at bringing more options for today’s fashion conscious men, but tradition is hard to replace in a lot of people’s eyes.

Tuxedos are very popular and traditional wedding tuxedos are black, with a white men’s tuxedo shirt worn underneath the jacket and normally has tails and only two or three buttons. The black and white combination has been the classic design for many years.

Some men prefer a double-breasted suit, this is the style of suit where the buttons over lap each other and you fasten the jacket both from the inside and the outside

Buying a tuxedo or a good suit is always a better investment than renting a cheap tuxedo, and nowadays buying on-line is usually less expensive and more convenient, hire suits can be ill fitting if not correctly measured or fitted.

The grey morning coat worn with matching trousers is also a popular option and wearing braces (suspenders if you are American) will make sure suits trousers break slightly on the front of your shoes, but choose braces which are the button on type and not the clip on style.


Wedding Suits For Men Based On Groom Requirements

Wedding Suits Guide

With the latest fashion trends in the market there are a number of new styles available for men to choose from for their wedding suit. They can get these wedding suits tailored for them according to their needs so as to suit them perfectly. The groom’s requirements are one of the important factors while designing the wedding suits for men. There are many options available for the groom, to select the best wedding suit.


Materials Based On The Theme Of The Wedding

Wedding Suits

Nowadays many people prefer weddings based on a specific theme. The themes vary from beaches to deserts and underwater themes. In all these cases the materials used for the wedding suits worn by the bridegroom is also important. They must be better suited for the theme and the location. In case of beach theme the shirt , pants and suits can be made of materials like cotton, linen and bamboo materials. This will be suitable for the occasion and will help those men who do not want to dress up too much but also cannot be underdressed for the occasion. Lighter fabrics with colors well suited for hot climate will be suitable for desert themes.


The Wedding Season

Wedding Seasons

Materials for the wedding has to be chosen keeping in mind the season during which the wedding is held. If the wedding plans for the summer season then it is advisable to choose lighter fabrics like wool or linen. Linen fabrics, however, have the disadvantage of getting wrinkled easily while worn for long hours. Woolen wedding suits can be stylish and can also be worn comfortably for hours at a stretch without the disadvantage of being wrinkled. Wedding suits made of polyester and microfibers are not recommended for men wedding suits. This is because they are very uncomfortable for long hours even though very attractive in appearance.

Usually, many people do not give much thought to the budget. Especially while purchasing the wedding suits for their own wedding. However, there will be some who have a limited budget to spend for their wedding suit. They must choose the material accordingly.


Custom Made or Ready Made Wedding Suits

Custom Made Wedding suits

Wedding suits are available are ready-made suits in the market. The options available for these suits are not limited in any way nowadays. One of the major problems faced by these ready-made wedding suits is that they need not fit perfectly. In such a case they may need to go for alterations which will be more work. In this case, custom-made wedding suits will be the best choice. They will fit like a second skin for the person and will also enhance their physique and looks. If the budget is limited to custom made wedding suits then the groom can look for quality wedding suits that come at a cheaper rate.


Types of Wedding Suits

There are a number of wedding suits available for the groom to choose from. Tuxedo or suits are suitable for those men who are older in age and have a good body physique.  In case of those grooms who are not tall enough they can go for frock coats made of the same suit material. Tailcoats have been a fashion statement in the past but are used even today as a sign of elegance and style.


What’s The Dress Code?

First things first, does the invitation have a dress code? Black tie formal means black tie. If you don’t already own one, you will need a tuxedo in most cases without the tails. At the very least you will require a really nice black suit. Preferably fine wool or velvet, worn with a French cuff dress shirt, black bow tie and dress shoes.


If you don’t require a tuxedo more than 3 times a year, it is best to rent one from a reputable dealer. If you do decide to purchase one for yourself, make sure you spend a little bit extra to get it fitted properly to your frame. Nothing is worse than owning a nice suit that doesn’t fit you properly.


If the invitation says semi-formal opt for a 3 piece suit if you have one. You want to look as formal as you can without having to go full-on black tie. You definitely want to wear a suit in this instance. A clean pressed dress shirt with a conservative neck or bow tie and polished shoes are standard semi-formal attire. Keeping the accessories to a minimum and coordinating them is important. We will talk more about later in this article.


If the invitation says casual dress, that doesn’t mean that jeans and a t-shirt are going to be acceptable. It means that you need a shirt with a collar and slacks at the very least. Sports coats or dinner jackets paired with a button-down dress shirt and slacks are acceptable casual attire. Athletic shoes or flip-flops are not usually recommended for occasions such as these. Unless it is a beach wedding or outdoors, stick with a loafer. 


Daytime or Nighttime Functions?

wedding suits at night time

The next thing you need to consider is what time is this function going to take place? Celebrations that take place during the day or late afternoon often have a more relaxed dress code. Those that take place during the early evening (after 6 pm or sundown is considered an evening wedding) or later, are more formal. It also helps you to determine what color suit to wear.


Daytime functions will allow you to wear lighter colored suits or suits made from lighter weight materials. A summer wedding taking place in the early afternoon calls for a linen or cotton suit. Usually in a lighter color like cream or beige or even a muted pastel if you are so inclined. A short sleeved button down dress shirt, worn under a light summer suit is an excellent option for keeping cool and being stylish at the same time. Loafers, espadrilles and in some cases dress sandals can all be worn for daytime functions in spring and summer.


Occasions that take place in the evening hours or in the fall/winter months would require a suit of a heavier material like wool or velvet and in darker colors like blue, black, or charcoal gray. Crisp white dress shirts are never a wrong move when you are wearing a suit. You can show off your individual style with your accessories and neckwear. As far as what to put on your feet, classic and comfortable applies here. Try a velvet or leather loafer in black or brown. You might opt for an Oxford, a Brogue, or the Derby style shoe as well. Any of these styles would be appropriate for a formal occasion. 


Here Comes The Groom


Now, if you happen to be the groom, it is more than likely that your ensemble for the occasion has already been predetermined by the bride-to-be. However, if you are the one in charge, selecting men’s wedding suits can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many options and things to consider as far as style and color and cut. Not to mention all the other factors that go into creating an event as grand as a wedding.


You are just as much a star of this show as the bride so do your best to shine. It is important to choose an ensemble that fits the occasion as well as your own personal style. You want to be comfortable and still dressed appropriately for this joyful occasion. The same basic rules that were laid out above for guests also apply to the groom and attendants.


You don’t want to make the mistake of matching your attendants too closely. Wearing an ensemble in a color a shade lighter or darker than your attendants helps to set you apart but still be coordinating. You can also opt for a different colored necktie in the same pattern as your attendants. Even different shades of flowers in your boutonniere can achieve the same effect.


Accessorizing Men’s Wedding Suits & Formal Wear

Accessorizing Men's Wedding Suits


There are plenty of ways that you can put your own touch of style into your ensemble with your accessories. The little touches can have the biggest impact on your look if you do them right. If you are the groom, matching your accessories like your tie and pocket square to the bride’s bouquet or your cufflinks and tie bar to her jewelry metal color is always a safe bet. 


If you are a guest or an attendant at a wedding, don’t be that guy who wears the loud tacky tie or novelty cufflinks. Do your best to always have class and be a man of distinction. There are plenty of ways to put your style into your outfit without going overboard. You never want to stand out for the wrong reasons.


No matter what the occasion, a good rule of thumb is to keep your accessories in the same color grouping. Keeping your leather watch band, belt, shoes and in some cases, your tie all the same color gives the appearance that you are pulled together with a clean coordinated look. Accessories like your watch band, cufflinks and tie bar should follow this rule of thumb and be kept to either gold or silver.

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