Most people are aware that the finest suits are made of wool. Do you remember the 100% polyester suits that used to be popular? They would last forever and your legs would make a noise when you would walk from the fabric rubbing together. Over time, these polyester suits would last forever and get shiny wear spots.

Today, people are not so hip on polyester suits. They do not like cotton or silk suits that much either because of how easily they wrinkle. The long fibers of wool make it a lot less likely to get wrinkles and it will lay out really nice. Nearly all of the best looking suits are made of 100% wool. You can get some good blends also. The main thing about wool is it looks the best, is durable, and your legs wont make rubbing noises as you walk.




What Makes Men’s Wool Suits So Special?

With so many fabric options available, why choose men’s wool suits over those made of cotton or synthetic fabrics? Wool has been the fabric of choice for some of the finest men’s wear makers in the world for decades. This extremely versatile textile has been fashioned into apparel that can be worn from head to toe. Hats, ties, suits & jackets, sweaters, coats, gloves, socks and even underwear can all be made from this age old fiber.

Wool fibers can be woven into fine silk threads or thick, coarse yarns and everything in between. The resulting fabrics vary from lightweight and smooth to thick, coarse and hairy. However, no matter what form the wool comes in, the fabric is sure to have a richness and feel to it that even cotton can not match.


Men's Wool Suits


Wool Suits are Classy

Wool suits simply look better than other fabrics. They portray a look that is professional. The reason is that wool drapes better than most fabrics. Wool is also very durable. A nice wool suit can last a lifetime for someone that takes great care of it.

Can you wear a men’s wool suit in the summer?

Actually, wool is the best material decision for suits, even when the mercury starts to rise. There is what is referred to as “tropical” wool that incorporates finer wool fibers into a loose weave fabric to keep you from getting too warm. Since wool breathes it can help keep you to keep cool. A 100% wool suit may be too warm to ever be worn past the late spring; a wool/cotton mix can be an awesome choice for those looking for release from the warmth.

Are Men’s Wool Suits Durable?

The gray three-piece tweed suit wasn’t a favorite for men at the turn of the century and beyond for no reason. Wool is a highly practical fiber that holds its shape and is rather durable, making it a prized textile for tailors. Properly treated wool suits can last for generations and can be handed down from father to son. 

Wool is also extremely resistant to moisture. Untreated wool that still has the fatty lanolin intact can be almost waterproof. Compared to cotton, wool fibers can absorb almost 25% of their weight in moisture before it starts to become damp. Often those that work in extremely cold or wet conditions like fishermen and sailors, wear wool garments for their protection from the elements. The warmth of wool is another key reason to choose this fabric. It holds body heat extremely well, it is what animals use to stay warm in cold climates after all.


Men's Wool Suits

Wool Suits Fabric Options

You can purchase a suit out of linen, silk, polyester, wool, and various blends. Linen is basically a cotton fabric that is lightweight. It looks good for a time, but wrinkles very easily. In fact, linen suits are often very wrinkled before the end of the day. They wrinkle extremely easily. Linen suits are often not very expensive at all. They may cost only a fraction of a good wool suit. On other hand, the wool suit can last forever and the linen suit will be lucky to make it a year.

Silk suits are also a good option. They are a fabric that is good for warmer climates. Silk will drape well and look great. The largest downside to silk is that it is not very durable and it is very expensive. Silk suits are so expensive that you may never actually see a person I one unless you go to Hong Kong or Singapore and buy one for yourself.

Suit blends are also very popular. You can get polyester wool blends in many different compositions. Polyester drapes well and is easy to clean and doesn’t wrinkle much. Still, there is a difference in the texture of the fabric and a 100% wool suit will feel nicer.

If you are on a budget, then a wool polyester suit blend is probably the best option. For an even cheaper option, you can get a 100% polyester suit. However, it is certainly not recommended. Full polyester suits look very heavy and a get very shiny in places and it look a little funny when the shiny spots appear.

Types of Wool Suits



Tweed Wool Material


Tweed wool suits are usually what the old timers wear. It is not the best looking of all the wool styles. The good point about tweed is that it is very durable. Tweed will last forever. The other great thing about tweed is that it can have subtle color variations (speckles and such) that make it look great. Tweed is a little less formal than other wools and can look great at a party or worn at church. Tweed has great versatility.


Herringbone Wolol Material


Herringbone is a pattern that looks lie a zig zag or a sawtooth or a v shape. You may have seen herringbone in some high end catalogs. The herringbone pattern is considered very classy. It is like a simple pinstripe look with a little more personality. Herringbone is named after the herringbone fish because the pattern resembles the fish bones.


Gabardine Wool Material


Gabardine is a very tight knit wool. The fabric is very soft, durable and drapes well. It is one of the most popular choices of fabric for business attire. Gabardine is actually a tweed, but it is so tightly knit that you can’t tell.

Donegal Wool

Donegal Wool Material


Donegal wool is produced in Ireland in a small factory of about twenty people. The company has been around a very long time. The fabric is legendary. Donegal wool has thick chunks of color all throughout the wool. It is a very distinct look. Donegal wool is considered to be a tweed.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool Material


Most people consider merino wool to be the best in the world. Merino sheep are only raised in New Zealand and Australia. The wool is very fine and is known for one very important quality. The wool doesn’t ever itch. In fact, some people call merino wool the cashmere of wool. Nowadays, merino wool is known to be a great insulator for underwear and is also used to make shirts. Now, if you can wear wool underwear without itching you know the wool must truly be soft.

Houndstooth Check

Houndstooth Check Pattern


Houndstooth check is a pattern used in fine wools. The pattern originated in Scotland and is now used for lots of various materials. The company David Jones (of Australia) used a black and white houndstooth check pattern for its company logo. The trademark has been considered to be one of Australias best.

Black and white wool spun together,in the pattern of houndstooth check, is striking.


Tartan Pattern for Wool suits


Tartan, like many patterns, started out in Scotland being spun in wool. The common term for tartan today is plaid. It will be a rare moment when you purchase a plaid suit. They do exist, but are rare find and even rarer to be worn. When you see a Scottish quilt in plaid, you can remember that the scottish invented plaid.

Woolen and Worsted Wool

Woolen and Worsted Wool Material


When looking at mens wool suits, you may see the terms woolen and worsted. Wool suits are always made of worsted wool. Worsted wool is wool that has taken the longest fibers and put them together in a parallel way. The reason that worsted wool drapes so well and is so wrinkle resistant is due to the long parallel fibers.

A shiny worsted wool suit will be more durable than a dull worsted wool suit. A more dull worsted wool suit will get shiny in spots that are worn.

Woolen wool is softer to the touch and thicker. It may have a large nap or a small nap. The point of woolen fabrics is to keep you warm. Winter hats and winter sweaters are good examples of woolen wool.

Wool Fabric Ratings

Wool is rated according to the super system. The word super doesn’t really mean anything. Maybe the wool producers just thought it sounded good. The ratings are super 100, super 110, super 120, and super 150. The ratings are similar to thread count. The finer the wool threads, the lighter and tighter and softer will be the wool fabric. The wool is put under a microscope and measured in microns to get the rating. The range from low to high is 15-18 microns (super 100-super 150). If you want to make sure that you are getting a quality fabric suit, than check the super rating.

What’s The Best Wool For Men’s Wool Suits?

The gold standard in wool for over 200 years has been Merino wool. When it comes to value for money, men’s suits made from 100% wool or wool-rich suits represent the best investment. Not only because of the excellent style and drape, and it’s natural inherent properties. Suits made from Merino wool will last for years and years.


Merino Wool Suit


Merino Wool is the best fiber for men’s suits:

  • Wool has a long history and heritage
  • It has many natural inherent properties and benefits
  • It is natural, renewable and biodegradable
  • Wool has great drape and style
  • It retains its shape with natural wrinkle recovery and stretch properties
  • It offers great value for money because it lasts for many years and still looks “as new” after dry cleaning

Wool Suit Considerations

If you are in a totally hot climate, a wool suit may not be the best option. Wool suits are best for colder climates because they are so warm. There are very lightweight wools that work great, but what if the weather is always over 100 degrees and you are outside a lot. You need to consider the environment you are in.

A lot of people like a wool suit for the winter and something lighter in the summer. It makes sense to have more than one type of suit. Another popular strategy is to just leave the suit coat at home in the summer and wear the suit coat in the winter.

For these reasons, it is the first choice for men’s suits of all the world’s high- end luxury brands of men’s suits and their customers.

We hope this men’s wool suit information has been useful to you.





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    Great article! I find super 100/120 suits to be perfect in the summer months because of their lightweight breathability. You just can’t go wrong with a quality wool suit.

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