How important is the posture of a gentleman?

What sort of message do you get from the posture of a gentleman? Well? It’s evident: the way you hold yourself extends your outward confidence or a deficiency in that department. Take a stroll around most public places like the mall or a park and look around at the people there. Do you see how some people stand up straight and tall while others droop over? Each one of those individuals is demonstrating how they consider themselves by the way they stand, walk and sit.

Know What Your Body Language Is Saying

See how the individual who stands up straight and moves with certainty? It seems as though they could command a room or could be a more probable leader. What’s more, notice how the individual who drops over in their seat or slouches over when they walk? It appears as though they don’t have any confidence. It’s astonishing how much non-verbal communication conveys.

Some research recommends that “powerful people” for the most part have more eye-contact. They’re more broad and open in body development and they have a more erect stance. Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy found that standing up straight influences what we look like to others. As well as influencing changes to our own biochemistry.

Subsequent to doing a series of 2-minute “ power control postures” the participants of the study demonstrated an expansion in testosterone and a decline in cortisol (an anxiety hormone). So they not only looked more effective, they felt all the more powerful and were better prepared to handle stress.


Power Postures

Strikingly enough, some of these “power postures” were as straightforward as standing up straight with your hands on your hips. (The “Wonder Woman” stance) Try reclining in a seat with your hands behind your head—essentially, the confident “wide open” posture of a gentleman.

Cuddy said these discoveries give us more reason to believe the mantra, “fake it till you become it”. This is her turn on the familiar axiom “fake it till you make it”. This observation suggests that simple “cosmetic” changes can influence how you really feel. This can radically influence how others see you. When you change how you conduct yourself, you start a positive cycle. The posture of a gentleman helps you look better to others and feel better inside. Which in turn gives you more motivation to have a better stance, and so on.


posture of a gentleman


How To Stand Like A Gentleman?

  • Observe a group for a minute and see what a difference in your posture makes. Be mindful of your posture when walking or sitting.
  • Notice your shoulders. In all likelihood, they’re slouched forward. Haul them back and extend your chest forward. Not ludicrously, but if you’re doing it right, your shoulders will most likely feel broader. Keep your hands at your sides.
  • Try to engage your core abdominal muscles. That the “pot belly” you were attempting to conceal with your shirt becomes less of an issue than you thought.
  • Now that your stance is better, see how you feel. Go up and converse with somebody (possibly arrange an espresso or something).
  • Notice how individuals respond to you. I guarantee that you’ll sense a distinction. You’re emanating more certainty and in the meantime making yourself more agreeable and approachable.

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