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Including this strong and masculine color into your neckwear is a smart choice for today’s modern gentlemen. Gold is the color of success, luxury, and sophistication. Adding gold bow ties to your neckwear collection elevates your wardrobe and your style. Striped, solid, paisley and even floral ties in shade of gold add visual interest to your ensemble. Gold is an eye-catching color that elevates your look with richness and warmth. Therefore business and casual suits in neutral colors all benefit from the addition of a gold bow tie.

Bow ties, as well as pocket squares or suspenders in shades of gold, are elegant additions to your formalwear. Gold bow ties make positive and memorable first impressions when worn to job interviews. They convey you have confidence and are not afraid of a challenge. Our high-quality collection of expertly crafted bow ties and bow ties sets includes casual and luxury styles. Our beautiful woven silk bow tie and pocket square sets help you to stretch your wardrobe budget further.