Big and Tall Men Styling Tips

Most big and tall men fail to pay attention to the details of their bodies when they are selecting clothes. They tend to think about the clothes that look good and stylish on other men. Not the things that will be best suited to them specifically.

When you are out to purchase new items for your wardrobe be mindful of the styles that are best suited to your body type. Big and tall men can find ideas and advice on how to appear slimmer just about anywhere. Some of that advice is good and some of it isn’t. The goal is to look your best not to look like something you are not.

Things To Keep In Mind

Select clothes in simple solid dark colors with classic silhouettes. This can do wonders to make big and tall men appear distinguished and powerful. Rather than disheveled and out of shape. Keep the following tips in mind when you are upgrading your big and tall wardrobe:

  • Jackets are a friend to the big and tall gentleman. Wear them as often as possible. Blazers or sports coats in dark solid colors frame the body and direct the eye upwards towards your face.
  • When selecting items for your wardrobe remember to keep your pattern selection to a minimum. Try incorporating pattern with thin lines on a wider scale. These will work much better than patterns that are closely spaced. A larger body can easily become overwhelming when covered with detailed patterns.
  • You want your accent pieces to appear proportional to your body size. Keep proper proportions in mind. Skinny belts or watches with thin bands and averaged sized pocket squares are all things that should be avoided.
  • Switch from belts to suspenders. They let the trouser front fall in a smooth drape instead of bunching it up at the top. Belts aren’t much use to men with large, round stomachs.
  • By adding a stylish hat to your ensemble, you’re demonstrating that you went to more than the minimum effort when you got dressed. You also gain more vertical space with a hat which helps to “spread” out your weight a little bit more.


It is said that the devil is in the details. Make sure that you are keeping your accessories to scale with your body size. This will improve your overall appearance. Do not be afraid to be bold in your selections. Just keep it neat looking, simple and in proportion and you will be on point.


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