Style Tips For Short Gentlemen – How To Look Your Best

There is some information out there about style tips for short gentlemen, however, much of it isn’t good at all. Do a quick search for tips on the web. You’ll find an article or blog claiming a pinstripe suit will make you look taller. Don’t buy into this.

Most short men fail to pay attention to the details of their bodies when they are selecting clothes. They tend to think about the clothes that look good and stylish on other men. Not the things that will be best suited to them specifically.

When you purchase new items for your wardrobe, be mindful of styles that are best suited to your body type. It is a tad bit insulting to assume that short men always want to appear to be taller. It is possible to look good without believing the hype that you need to be an airbrushed stereotype.

What To Keep In Mind

To flatter a shorter body, select styles that streamline the body. They help the viewer’s eye to easily travel up the length of the figure to the face. It is best to eliminate needless horizontal elements as well as thick or chunky details. When thinking about style tips for short gentlemen, try to keep the following suggestions in mind:

The Basics

Keep jackets and shirts simple and with little to no patterning. If you do choose to go with a pattern, go with small patterns. Whether it’s gingham, stripes, or checks, make sure it’s small. Make sure to avoid thick horizontal striping or checks. By using vertical elements and patterns you draw the eye up and down. Thus creating the illusion of a longer taller body.

Slimmer Fits

Selecting a slim fit design in shirts, jackets and even your pants or trouser choice, will make you look well put together with a classic silhouette. Items that have a proper fit for your size, makes you appear to be well put together and more confident.

Accessory Proportions

Avoid using thick or chunky eye-catching elements like big belts across the midsection of the torso. This also aids the eye in traveling easily up and down the torso. Giving you the appearance of a slightly taller stature. Keep belts and accessories smaller and thinner to match your body proportions.


Cuffs on slacks don’t do anything to help keep the eye flowing from top to bottom smoothly. Select smooth hems on pants. It avoids making you look as if you have been chopped off at the ankles. In addition, make sure that trousers are long enough to cover your socks completely. This also keeps the eye moving.


This fact is often overlooked completely when you are selecting footwear. Keep them sleek and smooth on top. It may not seem like a big deal. However, it helps keep the attention focused on the upper body instead of a distraction on the foot.


There is no pressure for shorter to men to follow each and every rule in order to look good. Simply keep in mind that the wardrobe should mostly contain slimmer, sleeker and more vertical styles of clothing. This helps to complement the shorter gentleman’s body type.

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