Gentleman’s Tipping Guide – Who, When & How Much

In our tipping guide, we discuss who, when and how much you should spend for a job well done. While tipping isn’t mandatory, it should always be done to individuals offering you service. It is only acceptable not to tip when the service is tremendously poor and no attempt to remedy it is offered.

Tipping should always be done discretely. Flashing your money and showing off how much you have left as a tip doesn’t impress many. It only shows a low level of class. Below is a general guide for tipping like a gentleman.

Restaurants – The standard here is 15% however if the service was exceptional, then 20% is customary.

Valet Service – Most vehicles should be $2 or $3. If you are driving a luxury vehicle, tip the valet even more for extra care to be taken.

Barber Service – It is standard to tip $5 on top of the cost of the haircut in this instance. If you have made a major change in your style or had shave services provided, add an extra $10 to the bill.


Guide To Tippin


Food Delivery – Many men and women work hard to get your food to you hot and fresh, often for low wages. Tip handsomely especially if they had to face bad weather.

Hotel Staff – On average a bellhop makes $2 to $3 per bag they haul up to your room for you.

Skycap – If the skycap books your luggage to your plane when you are running late, pad the tip for his extra service.

Housekeeping – When leaving a tip for the housekeeping staff, place $3 to $5 per night in an envelope marked “housekeeping”. If you leave the money on the nightstand it might not be clear that the money is intended for them.

Tipping During the Holidays

Guide to tipping

During the holiday season, it is customary to tip for the services that we receive every day. Here is a short list for you to keep in mind when you are considering holiday tipping.

Mailman – Since it is against the federal law to tip more than $20 to federal employees, give non-monetary gifts valued at less than $20 such as home-baked gifts.

Garbage man – Let’s face it, these guys have a tough job.  Around the holidays show them that you appreciate the hard work they do all year by giving them a small gift or tip of $10 per person.

 Teacher – Tips or gifts for teachers are always appreciated. It is customary to give teachers a small gift but keep in mind that teachers are tired of apple paperweights and body lotion. Try something homemade or a gift card.

Babysitter – Adding a small gift or extra tipping on top of their normal pay is completely acceptable.

Cleaning Person – When tipping for this service a moderately priced gift or an extra week’s pay is advised.

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