Next Men’s Suits – What’s Trending for 2017?

So gentlemen, up next in our series of men’s suits, the next men’s suits.  What’s new, hot, and trending for 2017? Well depending on who you ask, it could be any multitude of styles fabrics and colors. After studying the latest trends we have discovered what we can expect to see for the coming months.

The trends we saw for spring included new colors like the use of olive green in all menswear styles. From the simple suit jacket to the three-piece suit for business wear. As we are already into the summer months we can expect to see even more new colors. For example light blues and grays, all white and even shades of beige. Pairing any or all of these with crisp white dress shirts keeps your look fresh and cool. Bare in mind if you go with the all-white look, match your belt and shoes to the color of the buttons on your jacket. You don’t want to look ghostly.


Next mens suits


Fabrics For Summer

Since the summer months are hotter, wearing lightweight suits made from cotton, linen, silk or seersucker has advantages and disadvantages. Cotton suits help your body to get rid of excess heat and moisture and most are machine washable. The drawbacks to cotton suits include little to no flexibility or natural stretch in the material. This causes you to feel more restricted. The cotton suit also has a tendency to show perspiration stains depending on the color.  

Seersucker suits are a wonderful option for several reasons. They are lightweight fabric with permanent crinkling to the fabric, that means no need for ironing. That crinkling also creates space in the fabric that helps to keep you cooler with more airflow possible. The drawback to seersucker suits is the cost, most are more expensive than those of us on a budget can comfortably afford and they are only usable in the summer months.

Linen suits are always a great choice for summer events like weddings. Like cotton, they are lightweight and help to keep you cooler. They are often found in lighter colors like cream and beige but new trends see them in more pastel shades of blue and pink and even lavender. Black linen suits can be found and offer a better option for summer formal evening events. The drawbacks to linen suits are since they are so lightweight they tend to wrinkle and stain very easily. In addition, the price of a good quality linen suit might be too far out of your budget for a seasonal suit.


Next summer mens suits

Additional Options

Silk suits for a summer are also an option. However, while they are lightweight, cool to the touch and feel fantastic on the skin, they don’t breathe very well. They can quickly become a fashion nightmare if you perspire heavily. There are no hiding perspiration stains in a silk suit. Your best option with these suits is to wear them in the evening and preferably someplace cool or indoors.

Believe it or not, lightweight wool suits can also be an option for the right event. Wool is a natural fabric and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. High-end designers are branching out from the traditional fabrics used for suits. Instead, they are opting to use more high-tech fabrics in their latest offerings. Like those that are completely water resistant, and heat- and cold-resistant. As well as those that are impervious to stains and creasing.

No matter what fabric you choose for your next men’s suits, you can expect to see more and more options with brighter colors and pattern options like bold plaids and paisleys making an appearance. In addition, everything old is going to be new again. Taking a cue from the 20th century, designers are bringing back those classic styles in men’s formalwear styles.


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As far as dress shirts go, the best colors to choose from are pink, light blue and the classic white. These options allow you to add a splash of color to your suits. Since the colors are considered neutral, they pair well with many tie styles, colors, and patterns. The possibilities are endless with these three basic colored shirts. They are a wardrobe staple for your summer suit pairings.

Darker shirts are acceptable but as you may already be aware, dark colors attract and hold more heat. Choosing to go with a darker colored shirt might be a better choice as long as you aren’t going to be in the sun all day. Try wearing them in the evening for optimal comfort and preferably indoors with air conditioning. This helps to avoid embarrassing perspiration stains.


Designer Styles For Fall

If you are looking ahead to what is new for the Fall and Winter seasons, then look no further. Designers like Fendi, Valentino and Louis Vuitton are bringing back old school corduroy from head to toe in tailored slim suits. Colors like olive green, rich shades of purple and navy were everywhere on the runways. The biggest trend was seen in varying shades/patterns with the color camel. Pairing it with a pop of cream or white will have the greatest impact on your wardrobe this season.

Muted pastels with darker stripes in varying widths were popular with designers. Everything from men’s silk shirts to pants and even shoes where adorned with stripes. There were also rich fabrics in shades of deep rich mossy green popping up on the runways. It could be seen on casual sweaters to men’s 3 piece suits.

Bright orange also made an appearance on the catwalks for the latest styles in men’s coats. It adds an unexpected pop of color to the dark staple winter colors of gray, blue and black. From men’s suiting to casual shirts and pants, orange is the new orange.

Aren’t sure how to incorporate this wild color into your wardrobe? Remember start small and simple with a t-shirt under a neutral colored jacket like camel or stone. If you are more daring, opt for casual pants in burnt orange. Fortune favors the bold.


What Shoes To Wear?

No one wants to stuff their feet into socks and dress shoes in the hot summer months. Your best bet for summer footwear is the loafer. Since loafers are worn without socks, your feet are kept cooler while still keeping a formal look. There are many colors to choose from, selecting standard colors like black, brown and tan are your best bet. They will be able to do double duty with your wardrobe throughout the rest of the year. Thus helping you to make the most of your wardrobe budget.

While the loafer is the go-to style for Summer footwear, the most notable feature on the catwalk footwear was a loafer with a fold-down back. That’s a heel with more supple, unstructured leather that can flatten underneath your foot. Essentially turning the shoe into a mule. These styles might not be the best choice for work. However, they are a great footwear choice for a casual weekend event.

Our hot choice for everyday business footwear has to be the suede brogue. Classic and sophisticated, this style in men’s footwear has made a big comeback recently. They aren’t your grandfather’s shoe anymore. Updated styles, color, and materials are making a big impact in men’s business fashion this year. The versatility of the shoe means that it can be worn with various outfits.  Including everything from slim blue jeans and simple v-neck shirts to chambray shirts and chinos. These days the classic brogue can even be worn with a two-piece pinstripe suit.

So now you have a good idea of what’s hot and trending for men’s suits in 2017. Staying on point and ahead of the curve has never been easier, get shopping now for Fall/Winter and don’t get left out in the cold.

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