You may be asking yourself why dress like a gentleman? This is a natural question. Especially if you believe that style is only for those who can wear items from the latest runway show. There is much more to men’s fashion than the often unique or experimental fashion portrayed on exceptionally slender models. Upgrading your wardrobe can lead to big rewards. Even for the casually dressed man who doesn’t face the dilemma of a professional dress code. Below you will find 5 reasons why dressing like a gentleman matters.

Why Dress Like A Gentleman

Dressing like a Gentlemans

It Will Open Doors For You

This statement is true both literally and figuratively. A good outfit will let you skip the line at the nightclub and get you past the bouncer. It can aid in getting you invited to the boss’s office for a private meeting about your salary. You will go further by donning an attractive jacket and slacks then you will when wearing jeans and t-shirt. People often assume that a man who dresses better than the men around him does so for a reason. They believe that you are a man of consequence. In that case, a bit of favorable assumption is a good thing.


It Will Often Get You The Benefit Of The Doubt

Why dress like a gentleman, because often the perceptions of class, wealth, status and influence are ingrained in society. When you portray yourself to be respectable, people will assume that by default you are an upstanding man. However, you can prove them wrong. If you are a jerk dressing like a gentleman won’t hide that fact for very long.

Men who don’t dress well all too often don’t get the benefit of the doubt. They can even face unwanted negative attention. When poorly dressed or appear disheveled in an upscale setting, you can expect to be treated with dismissal. In some cases even hostility. We don’t live in a world where a man is judged strictly on his actions no matter what his appearance. So make it easier for yourself by making it a habit to always dress as classy as possible.



How to dress like a gentlman


It Makes You More Successful

What other people think of you matters, however, so does what you think of yourself. When you are dressed like someone who is successful, it has a positive effect on your actual performance.

A study on this subject was done by Northwestern University. Participants achieved higher scores on math and science tests when they were given a doctor’s lab coat to wear. However, they scored lower when they were told it was an artist’s smock. This same principle applies to professional and casual clothing. Make the effort to dress on point and in a way that you know is attractive. You will then become more attractive and on point.


You Never Know Whom You Will Encounter

The term “curb appeal” refers to whether or not a home stands out to passers-by. Your appearance works in much the same way. You have “curb appeal” when you are dressed sharply and on point. You will stand out from those around you and people will notice. If you are well dressed on a consistent basis you will never have to worry about that chance meeting with a potential love interest, a boss or even a rival that you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of. In addition and equally important, you will be prepared to make a great and lasting first impression at all times.


why dress like a gentleman


You Can Reap Great Reward For Minimal Effort

As we look back over our list you can see that there are many benefits to dressing like a gentleman. There is a significant reward for improving your look.  So why would you not put some thought into your personal style?  It is an easy and affordable option for personal and professional advancement. As well as social advancement. Plus it is good mental training.

So why dress like a gentleman? We have given you just 5 simple reasons of many. Take these reasons into consideration the next time you are getting dressed and see if you notice rewards we have listed.



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