Want to look stylish and fashionable for wedding season? Trends come and go in wedding attire, and you might have to stick to strict fashion rules set by the wedding party, but one thing you can always try is a fancy bow tie. A bow tie, as opposed to a tie, provides character and flair, and can set you apart from a sea of other men in black or navy suits at the wedding.


There are tons of different patterns, styles and materials of bow ties, so it can be overwhelming to try and pick one that fits your personal style, fits the atmosphere and location of the wedding you’re attending, and which matches the rest of your outfit. So, how do you go about starting to pick out a bow tie for a wedding? Let’s walk you through the ins and outs of choosing the perfect bow tie, from the style to the pattern to the material.


What Style Bow Tie Do You Want?


There are three main styles of bow ties to choose from when picking out your outfit pieces for the wedding. Here, we’ll go over the details of self-tying bow ties, pre-tied bow ties, and oversized bow ties. As you shop, you might find yourself purchasing several different styles that may work for different occasions – anything goes!


Self-Tie Bow Ties

Mens Self Tied Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

A master of the bow tie? You won’t want to opt for a pre-tied bow tie when choosing your perfect bow tie for a wedding. If you’re comfortable with the process of tying a bow tie, the self-tie bow tie is the choice for you.



Pre-tied Bow Ties

Wedding Pre-Tied Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

Worried about getting your bow tie just right? Scared you don’t have enough time to make sure it’s perfectly set? You can find a wide selection of pre-tied bow ties to choose from, with an array of colors and patterns. This takes the stress out of making sure you’ve tied it right (and it can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time tying it).


Oversized Bow Ties

Wedding Oversized Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

Oversized bow ties are the perfect choice for the man who wants to make a grand entrance at a wedding. An oversized bow tie can provide the perfect amount of flair and uniqueness to your outfit, making it a great accessory if you’re a man who really wants to get all eyes on you when you walk in.


What Pattern Of Bow Tie Should You Get?


Wondering what pattern of bow tie to get? There’s many different types, each with their own vibe and feel, and some which are more appropriate for fancier weddings, and some more appropriate for casual weddings.


Floral Bow Ties

Floral Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

If you’re picking out a floral print for your bow tie, the biggest thing to keep in mind is that you want your floral print to be as small as possible. No big flowery patterns, just small patterns where you almost can’t tell it’s floral. Floral bow ties are one of the most popular types of patterns for a wedding and go great with almost any color suit and shoes.


Paisley Bow Ties

Wedding Paisley Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

Paisley is generally thought of to be a preppy, fun pattern that works great for any occasion. Paisley bow ties can be dressed up more formally with darker, less bright colors, and then dressed down in a more unique way with funkier, brighter colors. this versatile pattern can work with most any outfit.


Striped Bow Ties

Striped bow ties are great for just about any weather, season, and occasion – they’re an all-around inclusive bow tie pattern that can work for just about anything. These are a classic style and available in multiple different colors.


Plaid Bow Ties

Groom and Wedding plaid bow ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

Plaid bow ties are perfect for fall and winter, when everyone’s mood is all marshmallows, bonfires, and curling up under plaid blankets. If you’re headed to a winter or fall wedding, consider a plaid bow tie to match the vibe everyone’s feeling. Just remember to match the tone of the plaid to your shoes – so if you’re going for a red, gold, and brown plaid look, make sure your shoes are brown to match.


What Material Should You Get For Your Bow Tie?


Silk Bow Ties

Groom and Wedding Silk Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

If you’re wearing a silk bow tie, you’re going somewhere very fancy and dressy. Silk bow ties should be reserved for the fanciest of occasions, so if we’re rating bow ties from casual to black tie, these are definitely for black tie occasions. You can never go wrong with a black silk bow tie, but silk (or satin) bow ties come in all sorts of patterns and colors that you could try.


Cotton Bow Ties

Groom and Wedding Cotton Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

Cotton bow ties are at the other end of the spectrum – the more casual end of the spectrum when it comes to picking out the perfect bow tie for an upcoming wedding. These are great for summer weddings when you want something a little lighter to wear, and you could even try linen as well.


Crystal Bow Ties

Groom and Wedding Crystal Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

You’ll be shining brighter than the bride with a crystal bow tie – this glitzy, glamorous look is for the gentlemen who wants to be noticed when they walk in the door. You could rock a shining, silver crystal bow tie that gets all eyes on you, or a more subtle black crystal bow tie that’s not quite as obvious, but still has the same glittering effect.


Feather Bow Ties

Groom and Wedding Feather Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

Want a unique look that you can almost guarantee no one else will be rocking at your next wedding? A feather bow tie is the look for you – a little pricier than you might find in other styles, the feather bow tie is a unique choice that you’ll have to handle with care when putting on. It’s a beautiful choice for the classy gentlemen who wants to make an entrance.


Velvet Bow Ties

Groom and Wedding Velvet Bow Ties -from-Gentlemansguru.com

A velvet bow tie is a classic, modern look that works best in colder temperatures at winter or fall weddings. With its soft, felt fabric, this is a look that exudes a warm feeling, making it the perfect bow tie for a wedding in cooler temperatures. And, there’s nothing like the look of a black velvet bow tie with a black suit!



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