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You give off very specific signals with the colors you choose to wear. Gray indicates to others that you are dependable, conservative, and stable. Many gentlemen own gray business or casual suits. They are a neutral canvas that is transformed by adding different colored neckwear. The same rule holds true for gray ties. You can transform your suits and formalwear by adding solid or patterned gray bow ties.  Luxurious gray bow ties in fabrics like silk and velvet create an elegant look when paired with contemporary colored formalwear.

Business and casual suits are elevated beyond basic when paired with a gray bow tie in a paisley, striped or polka dotted pattern. They provide visual interest while at the same time balancing the color pallet of your ensemble. Matching your bow ties and pocket squares is a simple but effective way to form a polished look. We offer a wide variety of bow ties and tie sets that are expertly handcrafted with high-quality materials for you to choose from.