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5 Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

5 grooming Mistakes to avoid

In your 20’s, it is easy to overlook the pains your body has as it repairs and heals rather quickly. In your 30’s, You upgrade your style to reflect your age. Your grooming habits will require an upgrade as well.

As you ease in your 40’s, you will need to pay more attention to those minor pains. Left unchecked they can lead to major diseases. Your body requires more maintenance. You tend to focus on the wrinkles and thinning hair but don’t neglect your mouth. Yellowing teeth will make you seem older and diminishes your appearance and confidence.

Gentleman’s Guide To Cufflinks

The Gentleman’s Guide To Cufflinks   Cufflinks are an essential clothing accessory for men. Any occasion requiring formal wear is an opportunity to make a tasteful and elegant statement with cufflinks. Whether it’s a set that has been handed down through the family, monogrammed cufflinks, wedding cufflinks, or luxury designer cufflinks, this understated accessory completes […]

Men’s Dress Shirts – A Guide To the Basics

Men's Dress Shirts

Check any modern gentleman’s wardrobe and you are sure to find several varieties of men’s dress shirts. They are a staple garment in most men’s closets but most men aren’t aware of how to choose a dress shirt that is right for them. Men’s dress shirts have been worn for centuries and have changed throughout […]

Men’s Linen Suits – Your Ultimate Guide

en's Linen suits - your ultimate guide

A Gentleman’s Guide to Men’s Linen Suits Men’s linen suits are a mystery to some gentlemen out there but after you read this you should know why they are actually a must have for any gentleman’s wardrobe. Linen fabric has been used for clothing by the Egyptians since as early as 8000 BC. However, some […]

Business Professional Vs Business Casual Suits – What To Wear And When

Casual suits for men

Business VS Casual Suits Do you know the difference between business suits and business casual suits? Do you know when the appropriate time to wear either one is? Well luckily for you, we are here give you a quick rundown of business casual suits.

Men’s Wool Suits – The Ultimate Guide

Men's wool suits guide

Most people are aware that the finest suits are made of wool. Do you remember the 100% polyester suits that used to be popular? They would last forever and your legs would make a noise when you would walk from the fabric rubbing together. Over time, these polyester suits would last forever and get shiny […]

The 5 Razor Types – The Pros & Cons

guide to best mens razor

 A Men’s Razor Guide – How to Choose The Right One Basic shaving can be quick and easy. Just pick up a razor and drag it across your face until the stubble’s gone. A really good shave, on the other hand, requires a little more effort and know-how. In our Men’s Razor Guide you will […]

What’s Next In Men’s Suits for 2017?

Next mens suits fashion trends

Next Men’s Suits – What’s Trending for 2017? So gentlemen, up next in our series of men’s suits, the next men’s suits.  What’s new, hot, and trending for 2017? Well depending on who you ask, it could be any multitude of styles fabrics and colors. After studying the latest trends we have discovered what we […]

Men’s Suit Colors And What They Mean

Men's Suit Colors And What They Mean

Men’s Suit Colors – What Are They Conveying? Gentlemen, many of you overlook the color of your clothing, especially your suits as unimportant. Most of you have no idea how the colors you choose to wear can have a dramatic effect on how those around you perceive you. Men’s suit colors are just as important […]

Men’s Italian Suits

mens italian suits guide

Men’s Italian Suits – What You Need To Know When you think of luxury suits are Italian designed suits the first thing that comes to mind? By all accounts, they should be and the guru is here to tell you why. Men’s Italian suits have long been the gold standard in men’s fashion since the […]

Slim Fit Suits – What You Need To Know

Slim Fits suits

Your Guide To Men’s Slim Fit Suits Gentlemen, our topic of the day is men’s slim fit suits. We were not all created equal it. While we have big and tall sizes for those that have more mass, there are those that also have less. The slim fit suit has emerged as the latest trend […]

Men’s Wedding Suits – The Ultimate Guide

Your Ultimate Guide To Men’s Wedding Suits and Formal Wear   Gentleman, today we will be diving into the subject of men’s wedding suits & formal wear. Trying to decipher all the fashion do’s and don’ts of formal wear and wedding suits can make you want to pull your hair out. So many rules to […]

Men’s Double Breasted Suits – What you Need To Know

mens double breasted s

What You Need To Know About Double Breasted Suits Next up in our series, we will be discussing men’s double-breasted suits and what you need to know about them. The history of this suit style has a rather interesting twist. This suit style gets its look from pea coats or reefer coats used by both the British […]

Men’s Pinstripe Suits – On Trend Or Off Track?

Gentleman, in this latest series we are going to be discussing men’s pinstripe suits and exploring personal style. Let’s face it, there are plenty of sites on the internet that can tell you what is on trend or what is off track in men’s fashion. To be perfectly honest, it is all a matter of […]

Men’s Wardrobes – Tips To Preserve Your Clothing

men's wardrobe tips

Gentlemen, the topic of discussion is men’s wardrobes. As we have discussed in previous posts, you are aware that your wardrobe is an investment in yourself. You should always be buying the best quality garments that you can afford. Then having them tailored is necessary to make you look and feel confident and comfortable. Making […]

A Gentleman’s Guide To Dress Codes

A Gentleman’s Guide to Dress code

What To Wear And When To Wear It There are times when you will be invited to celebrations or occasions where men’s dress codes are required. A basic understanding of these dress codes removes the confusion that so many gentlemen face when deciding what to wear. So let’s get to it, shall we?

The Gentlemen’s Guide To Jeans For Men

Jeans for men guide

 Jeans For Men – What Style Is Right For You? Gentlemen, today we are talking about jeans for men. We’ve all got that favorite pair of jeans that we like to hit the town in. But are these jeans truly giving you the designer look and physique that you’re going for?  In this article, we’ll […]

Gentleman’s Style Guide – What You Need To Know About Men’s Fashion

Mens Fahsion Guide

What You Need To Understand About Men’s Fashion Men’s fashion and style can be elusive to some as a snow leopard. Yet can be straightforward and simple to others as sliding on their favorite pair of jeans. Some men have it and some men don’t. We all want it but we can be too embarrassed […]

Top 5 Reasons to Dress Like A Gentleman

You may be asking yourself why dress like a gentleman? This is a natural question. Especially if you believe that style is only for those who can wear items from the latest runway show. There is much more to men’s fashion than the often unique or experimental fashion portrayed on exceptionally slender models. Upgrading your […]