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FAQ About Cufflinks

Fine Jewelery Cufflinks Buying Guide

Sometimes it’s the little details that actually pull an outfit together. Cufflinks do just that — Up your style game by adding a scent of sophistication to your wrist. They also help to hold and secure your shirt cuffs, which gives them popularity over most men’s jewelry with a function other than fashion. Let’s answer […]

Tips For Choosing & Buying Cufflinks

Fashion Jewelery Cufflinks Buying Guide

Cufflinks are an essential clothing accessory for men. Any occasion requiring formal wear is an opportunity to make a tasteful and elegant statement with cufflinks. Whether it’s a set that has been handed down through the family, monogrammed cufflinks, wedding cufflinks, or luxury designer cufflinks, this understated accessory completes a man’s outfit. Men generally have […]

8 Best Wedding Cufflinks Styles

Weddings-Cufflinks from

Best Selling Cufflinks    With the wide and varied styles and themes of today’s weddings finding a cufflink to match your tuxedo or wedding theme is not a difficult task. Since weddings are formal affairs, most grooms want to stand out and look their best as much as the bride. Diamond cufflinks were the traditional […]

The History Of Cufflinks

The History and Origin Of

Best Selling Cufflinks  Part of what makes this fashion accessory so powerful is the rich history behind it and the names that have led the way in men’s fashion. The 17th century saw the rise of cufflinks as a fashion symbol worn by dignitaries to signify wealth, luxury, social prestige, and often power. Prior to this […]

9 Types Of Cufflinks & What They Mean

Best Selling Cufflinks  When it comes to adding personality and character to a suit, one of the best accessories will be the cufflinks. Whether you want professional or funny, you’ll find every type of cufflinks these days and they bring the whole outfit together. If you’ve been confused by the various types of cufflinks while […]

5 Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

5 grooming Mistakes to avoid

In your 20’s, it is easy to overlook the pains your body has as it repairs and heals rather quickly. In your 30’s, You upgrade your style to reflect your age. Your grooming habits will require an upgrade as well.

As you ease in your 40’s, you will need to pay more attention to those minor pains. Left unchecked they can lead to major diseases. Your body requires more maintenance. You tend to focus on the wrinkles and thinning hair but don’t neglect your mouth. Yellowing teeth will make you seem older and diminishes your appearance and confidence.