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Up your style game to the next level with our men’s velvet suits. Whether you’re looking for a rich velvet suit or an exotic velvet suit jacket, our unique selection of stylish outfits come in slim-fit as well as custom sizes for you to choose from. Make a lasting impression with velvet suits and feel your best without breaking the bank when you shop Gentleman’s Guru.



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About Velvet Suits

Velvet suits used to be reserved only for the upper class and the social elite. With our collection of exotic 3 piece suits in velvet, now you too can adorn yourself in this distinctively rich fabric. Do you want to make a lasting impression on your next special occasion? There is no better way to exude your sophisticated sense of style than with a velvet tuxedo. This lavish fabric is a cut above when it comes to men's fashion.

The sensual look and feel of velvet suits upgrade the average men's suit to a higher caliber. It enables you to radiate your class and confidence with ease. Our ample selection of men's velvet suits is filled with a wide variety of colors that range from classic black to rich jewel tones, as well as new modern suit styles. In addition, we have dinner jackets with an array of eye-catching sequins and exotic patterns.

Velvet is a superb choice for your wedding, prom suit or any special occasion attire. It is a timeless fabric that never goes out of style. Up your wardrobe collection to the next level when you adorn yourself with this luxurious fabric.