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Whether your style is contemporary, classic or falls somewhere in between your wardrobe benefits by adding a touch of green. The color green conveys several messages that include relaxation, growth, vitality and of course money or wealth. Incorporating green bow ties into your wardrobe is easier than you may think. Shades like emerald, olive, jade, and mint are smart choices and pair well with neutrals like brown, gray and navy. Bow ties sets that include matching pocket squares make it easy to keep your look pulled together.

Adding green bow ties to your formal wear creates a modern look that is on trend today. We carry luxury styles in rich velvets, woven silks, and even crystal embellishments. They instantly elevate your look beyond the basic black tie. Ties with paisley patterns, bold stripes or polka dots add eye-catching pops of color to your business or casual suit. Take your tie collection to the next level with a green bow tie make those around you green with envy.