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Orange isn’t the first color tie that many men opt for when getting dressed. It can be bright, overpowering, and hard to pull off. However, when paired correctly, orange bow ties can have a very positive impact on your look. Shades like tangerine, ginger, amber, ochre, and spice can be worn with business and casual looks easily. These colors convey that you are self-confident, adventurous, and creative. These warm and energizing hues add eye-catching pops of color to your wardrobe.

Classic colors paired with orange include beige, brown, cream, and black. Today’s more modern and bolder color pairings include gray, purple, blue and green. Whether you choose classic or modern styles, we have an orange bow tie to fit your needs. Our bow ties are expertly handcrafted from high-quality materials like woven silk. We carry beautiful styles in stunning paisley, striped, and polka dot patterns. In addition, we offer bow tie sets that include matching pocket squares or suspenders. Thus helping you to stretch your wardrobe dollars further.