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If you are looking to add color and interest to your tie collection, consider adding a peach bow tie to your line up. Peach is a wonderful color that complements many different skin tones and gives you a healthy glow. It is an optimistic color that is often seen as charming and approachable. Peach bow ties are an excellent choice for Spring, Summer or Fall. It is a masculine color that pairs well with shades of beige, brown, white, cream, gray, and even teal.

Our expertly hand-crafted bow ties come in a variety of beautiful styles and patterns to choose from. They look great with everything from formal wear to casual suits. Adding peach pocket squares and bow ties is a great way to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Our high-quality woven silk sets include bow ties and pocket squares. They help to stretch your wardrobe budget further and add keep you looking sharp.