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Real gentlemen wear pink and yes, that includes pink bow ties. The color pink conveys compassion and understanding as well as love and hope. Adding pink to your wardrobe, including shades like blush, pastel, rose, and magenta is a smart choice. Pink ties pair exceptionally well with the colors gray, black, blue and white. These color combinations work great for Spring/Summer wedding formalwear. In addition, pink bow ties and pocket squares add eye-catching pops of color to your business and casual suits.

Bow ties in luxurious pink fabrics like silk and velvet instantly elevate your ensemble. Furthermore, including paisley, striped and floral patterns in your collection shows your confidence and refinement. Our high-quality pink bow ties are expertly handcrafted in a variety of styles, fabrics, and patterns for you to choose from. Many of our bow ties come in sets that include pocket squares and even suspenders. No matter what the occasion, we have something to fit your needs.