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The pattern you choose for your necktie is just as important as the color you select. They both convey a certain message to those around you. Polka dot bow ties indicate that you are light-hearted and friendly. Therefore, you reap positive results by adding this pattern to your neckwear line up. Today you find polka dot bow ties in various dot sizes and color combinations. They add a touch of whimsy as well as playfulness to your look. While we do not recommend them for formal or semi-formal occasions, they are a great choice for business casual and relaxed occasions.

Expertly handcrafted, our bow ties are made with superb quality materials that include woven silk, satins, and cotton. These high-quality polka dot bow ties are available in a wide variety of color combinations for you to choose from. From the bright and bold large dotted styles to more sophisticated smaller dots in muted colors. In addition, we offer luxury styles embellished with crystals. These are perfect for fancy occasions. Many of our bow ties come in sets that include matching pocket squares. This helps to coordinate your look and stretch your wardrobe budget further.