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By adding purple bow ties and pocket squares to your accessory collection you are sure to get noticed. Purple has long been associated with wealth and royalty. While not as common or traditional as the color blue, it makes a strong and lasting first impression. Purple conveys that you are powerful and still playful, that you are someone others will want to get to know. Wearing shades of purple like eggplant, violet, lavender, and plum shows that you have self-confidence.

Purple bow ties create a striking look with formal wear in various shades of gray or even white. They look fantastic when paired with dark-colored business suits. Our selection of handcrafted bow ties is made with high-quality materials like woven silk, satin, and cotton. We have a wide variety of styles and patterns to choose from to fit every occasion from formal to casual. Additionally, we offer luxury styles crafted from velvet, feathers and even crystal embellishments.