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Choosing a silk bow tie is first and foremost about your own personal sense of style. There are two main choices when it comes to silk bow ties, woven and printed. Both styles have their merits and drawbacks. Printed styles tend to be lighter in weight and less rigid in structure. Therefore, they can be tied into a smaller knot. Patterned silk ties tend to have more intricate pattern details and colors due to the dyeing process.

Many gentlemen enjoy the heavier weight of the woven silk bow tie. It has a richer, thicker hand feel. In addition, it ties a larger knot and creates a stiffer bow than those made with printed silks. Woven styles also create a richer texture and sheen than those of printed styles. No matter which style you prefer, adding one to your accessory collection is a smart choice. Our high-quality bow ties come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Many of our silk bow ties come in sets with matching pocket squares and help to stretch your wardrobe budget further.