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Yellow bow ties do a great job of breathing new life and energy into your neckwear collection. The color yellow, in all of its shades, says that you have a happy and cheerful personality. It is a vibrant and welcoming color that shows you have a zest for life. [show_more more=”Show More” less=”Show Less”] It conveys that you are approachable and have an optimistic, positive attitude. Injecting shades like lemon, pastel, gold, and canary yellow provide a splash of eye-popping color into your collection.

One of the best features about adding yellow accessories to your wardrobe is they pair well with so many other colors. Dark neutral colors like gray, black, and blue all benefit from yellow ties and pocket squares. Balance out the color palette with touches of white to complete the look. Yellow bow ties are perfect for formal and business casual looks. They look great with casual options like white linen suits in the Spring/Summer. Darker shades of yellow can be worn into the Fall with brown suits or sports coats. Try adding this versatile color to your wardrobe.