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About Sequin Tuxedos

Want to be the life of the party? Well, it starts with what you are wearing. A men’s sequin tuxedo jacket gets you noticed and makes you the center of attention. The bold look of a shimmering sequins blazer paired with black dress pants makes a captivating look for prom, weddings and holiday parties. Distinguish yourself from those around you by suiting up in glittering finery.

Elevate your formalwear collection to an entirely new level with the twinkling brilliance of a sequin tuxedo. Men's tuxedos in sparkling sequins and luxurious shiny glitter create an elegant tux jacket perfect for any black-tie affair, prom, or wedding. If you are looking for even more glamour, our solid sequins tuxedo jackets offer classic style with the volume turned up.

Traditional colors of gold or silver keep your look elegant and sophisticated, while floral and paisley patterns keep you rich and balanced. Sequin tuxedo jackets in vivid colors like red, blue, or pink create eye-popping and impressive outfits. You can also choose to go completely over the top with color-changing sequins. Blazers and tailcoat tuxedo jackets crafted from this modern fabric offer you a unique and dazzling way to make an impression.

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