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  1. The pockets one was sew together and the other was half sewn and the tie at the bottom the stitching was coming apart

  2. Shoes were too small

  3. Nice jacket but wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Material was lighter in weight than expected. Attempting to return is nearly prohibitive, charging $50+ for shipping and no return label was supplied. Almost not worth returning seeing what I paid for it… still deciding.

  4. Quality wasn’t what was expected

  5. The quality of the picture did not translate in person. Time and presentation was quick, clean and professional. The paisley design shows better in pictures than in person. Will look to return.

  6. Way to big didn’t realize it was that big

  7. The color of the suit did not look like the picture of the suit online. It looked dull, more burgundy than red. The jacket was not a slim fit as stated. I was very disappointed.

  8. You guys need to take better pictures because the color was not the same shade as in the picture and find a better method of shipping other than the USPS when someone is paying for priority shipping because my package didn’t make it until almost two weeks after it was supposed to be delivered and I didn’t receive a refund on that. Other than I can work with it

  9. Did not know that the suits were slim fit only. I wish during the return process you could keep what actually fit instead of having to send all pieces back then reorder all over again.

  10. Products not match with the pictures on the website

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