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Double Breasted Tuxedo Suits & Jackets


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Double breasted tuxedos are a handsome and elegant choice in gentlemen’s formalwear. Double breasted tuxedos exude a cultivated and distinguished sense of style. While they may have had a somewhat boxy look to them in the past, the slim fit cut of present-day styles shows your sleek and trim physique. 

Double breasted tuxedo jackets in traditional colors like black, gray and navy have long been worn for formal occasions. However, today’s modern gentlemen are flipping the script and opting for double-breasted tuxedos in a wide range of contemporary colors and fabrics. Emerald green, deep rich burgundy and even shades of gold can be seen in rich velvet, silk or cotton. Elaborate florals, paisley, and unique embroidered patterns are the latest cutting edge fabrics being embraced by today's trendsetters. These looks are popular choices for anniversaries, weddings, proms and more.