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About Slim Fit Tuxedos

The cut of men’s tuxedos has remained relatively the same for decades: boxy and often unshapely. Today we are seeing a swing towards men’s slim-fit tuxedos. Now more than ever, men of all ages are working hard to be healthy and stay in shape. They do not want to hide all of that hard work under loose-fitting garments.

Enter the slim fit cut. This cut gives men the option to show off their physique. Typically, slim fit suits is tapered or cinched slightly at the waist allowing a trimmer silhouette. For those daring gentlemen who are on the cutting edge of today’s fashion, there is the extra slim fit cut. This ultra-skinny style produces a look that is completely form-fitting.

Closely fitted blazers and jackets paired with narrow pants, hemmed above the ankle, were first seen by fashion-forward gentlemen on the red carpet. This look took off like wildfire and is now the latest style available to modern young men attending proms as well as dapper grooms looking to make their wedding tuxedo chic and elegant.

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