More than your birthday and graduation day, prom is the most awaited evening day you dress your best and dance all night. But before you make preparations for that day and start looking for the perfect prom suits, the most important thing you have to arrange is a partner who can go with you. You wish you could take that beautiful girl to the prom and waited a whole year to send her a proposal for this. But is ‘will you go to the prom with me?’ enough to get her along with you?

If you are not able to find a perfect idea to ask her for prom, here are a few that you and your girl would love.


1. Beachy Promposal

This is a simple proposal idea, you take your girl to the beach and write your message on the sand.


2. Rainbow Colors

Write your message in rainbow colors and hand it over to your girl.


3. Harry Potter Style

Use gothic style font to write your message, and accompany it with wands, hats, brooms, and other accessories that complete the Harry Potter theme.


4. Zombie Promposal

How about a funny promposal idea? Dress like a zombie and move towards her with your message in handwritten in a spooky font and style.


5. Poetical Proposal

If you are looking for a cute promposal idea, this is it. Write a short poem to propose to her and stand with it in front of your girl.


6. Identity Proposal

Dress yourself like anything, like a grasshopper or bird, and ask whether she would like to go to the prom with this creature.


7. Promposal in a Pizza Box

Take your girl to a pizza shop, write your message on the inner side of the box’s lid. Ask her to open the lid and let her read that message to get a cheesy surprise.


8. Royal Theme

Dress like a prince and take a crown for her as well. Put the crown on her head and ask whether she would like to be your princess


9. Tie Pun

Write the word ‘Prom’ with men’s ties and ask whether she would go to the prom with you before she gets tied up with someone else or with some other work


10. Game Theme

Find out the favorite game of your girl and write your promposal in the theme of that game


11. Marvel Theme

If your girl is a Marvel fan, dress like her favorite character and write your message in similar colors and drawings


12. Announce on a Billboard

Get in touch with the manager of a store and ask them to write your message on their billboard with lights for a couple of minutes. You may have to pay them for this. Take your girl in front of that store and let her read that message.


13. Save Me

Write your message on a board asking her to save you from going to the prom alone.


14. Ball Game

Challenge your girl to a ball game, like football, soccer, baseball, or cricket, and write your message on the ball. Let her come across the message during the game.


15. Outdoor Lights

Take your girl out and write the word ‘Prom?’ with rope lights.


16. Lights on Floor

Ask your girl to your home or any other place, and write the word ‘Prom?’ with tea lights on the floor.


17. Make a Cake

If you have a baking hand, make a cake, write ‘Prom?’ on it with the icing, and send it to her.


18. Math Equation

If your girl has a calculative mind and is good at Math, a good message for her would be ‘I + You = Prom’. Ask her if the equation is correct.


19. Poolside Candles

If you are looking for an over the top promposal idea try this, make a board full of candles floating on the pool water looks marvelous. Write ‘Prom?’ with lights, fix it on a board, and let it float on the water. Ask your girl to have a look and wait for her reply.


20. Dining Delight

Arrange a candlelight dinner for her and write the word ‘Prom?’ on the dining table with candles.


21. Promposal in a Book

If you know which book your girl is reading right now, preferably which page she is at, write a short note with the proposal and keep it on that page.


22. Macaroons Craft

Make macaroons and get some made from an expert, and write your promposal on top of them.


23. Coffee Date

Take your girl to a coffee date and write ‘Prom?’ in it with cream or foam. If you are not that good at that craft, ask the person at the coffee shop to do that for you.


24. Promposal on Car

Use temporary markers to write your promposal on your car’s body and park it in front of your girl’s window.


25. Promposal on a Fishing Line

Take your girl for a fishing spree. After catching a couple of fishes, attach your promposal with the fishing line, act as if it came from the pond, and see her reaction.


26. Puppy with your Promposal

Gift her a puppy and tie your promposal around its neck.


27. Cookie Promposal

Make cookies and arrange them in the shape of the word ‘Prom?’. Ask her to take the cookies out of the oven.


28. Jig Saw Puzzle

Make a jigsaw puzzle and ask her to solve it. Once she solves it, your promposal will appear on it.


29. Ask her to be Pictured

Make a photo frame and ask her if she would like to be pictured in it at the prom with you.


30. Message on a Horse

Write your message on a horse and let it run in front of your girl. Let her notice the message.


So, these are a few great ideas that can actually inspire you to plan for your big task of proposing to your girl and calling her for the prom. Don’t be nervous. Leave all the stress behind and use these creative ideas to make an impression. Carry yourself with poise and confidence and there are no chances for your girl to say ‘NO’.

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