Gentlemen, many of you overlook the color of your clothing, especially your suits as unimportant. Most of you have no idea how the colors you choose to wear can have a dramatic effect on how those around you perceive you. Men’s suit colors are just as important as the cut and fit of the suit.

Men’s suits come in a wide variety of colors. Unfortunately, choosing a suit color is one of the most neglected aspects when men are shopping for a suit. Many men will choose a suit color based on personal preference rather than what color would match their skin tone or which color is best for the occasion.

But never fear, the guru is here to break it down for you. Letting you know exactly what you are saying to others with the men’s suit colors you choose to wear. Most business suits come in a standard set of colors: blue, black, gray, and brown. Let’s start with these basic colors since most men already own a suit in one or more of these colors.

Blue is a power color that denotes authority, especially the color navy blue. It is often suggested that you wear a blue suit to a job interview, speaking publicly, when giving important presentations to clients or when you want to appear to be an expert in your field. This commanding color is seen as a staple in men’s suit colors and every gentleman should own at least one blue suit.

Black, like navy blue, is a powerful color so it should be worn when you want to intimidate or outshine your competition. It is the most formal color in men’s suits and should be worn for solemn events like funerals. In addition, they should be worn to formal events like proms, and weddings. Black suits look good on almost every skin tone and evoke deep emotions. Black, like white, is eternal and no man’s wardrobe is complete without a black suit.

Gray range from dark charcoal to light dove gray and convey loyalty, dependability, and a good work ethic. Shades of gray are great for when you are traveling and they are part of the neutral color family. Hence, they are appropriate in almost any situation. Gray suits say that you are mature, wise and conservative. Gray suits are one of the most versatile colored suits to wear.  They can be combined with an array of other colors from pastels to jeweled tones. They are a great choice for those who are bold enough to don colors and patterns beyond the standard white shirt and black tie.

Brown colors or those that fall into the earth tone category are the perfect color to wear when you want to build a rapport with others. Earth tones say that you are an approachable individual with affluence. Men get the most compliments when donning earth tones. The hottest trends in menswear this year included items in earth tones colors like moss and olive green. Even shades of orange and camel were seen on everything from casual wear to men’s business suits.

Red color is often rare to see especially in business settings. If you get the shade of red wrong, you will look cheap and gaudy.  However, when done correctly, the right shade of red conveys strength and leadership. Red suits are attention-getting and you will stand out in any situation when wearing this color. Remember to use it sparingly in your business wardrobe. Especially if you are unsure about the shade that you are wearing. Pair it with a crisp white dress shirt and minimal accessories for a clean and bold look.


Purple is a blend of the bustling energy of red and the calm soreness of blue. While some see it as a color of royalty and mysticism, it is often favored by creative and artistic personalities. Purple suits are unique and are worn when one wishes to project that he is a thinker of a different caliber. Purple is a trending color for menswear designers in 2017.It has been featured in suits and accessories for Fall and Winter. Add a purple necktie and pocket square to your gray or black suit if a royal purple suit isn’t your speed.

The color green conveys several messages that include growth, energy, and of course, wealth or money and success. Incorporating a men’s green suit into your wardrobe is easier than you may think. Whether your style is classic, modern, or falls somewhere between, your wardrobe benefits by adding a green suit.

White color project purity, peace, and sublimeness. It is versatile and goes well with any skin tone. While white suits may be plain, simple, clean and sterile. It still conveys that you are classic and timeless like no other color. The white suit is incomparable if you are able to keep it clean and unspoiled. Which for some, is harder to do than others.

There are many other colored suits out there in the men’s fashion world and we have covered just a few of them here today. The next time you are shopping for a suit, keep these colors in mind. Buy the suit that not only looks good on you but says what you want it to say about you. Research has shown that 85% of communication is nonverbal. So choosing what color to wear is clearly an important part of your overall message to those around you. 

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