So you’re planning a winter wedding? Congratulations! Weddings are a special time for couples, and picking colors that suit your personality is important. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with beautiful colors and textures to find what captures the essence of the betrothed. Many couples are opting to have a winter-themed wedding these days. The best way to decide what theme you are going for is by considering what kind of vibe you want your event to have. Are you looking for a more refined look? Perhaps you prefer a rustic feel. More and more couples are opting for beach weddings during the winter season. This is a time to show off your creativity. You can create a beautiful event with your guests talking for months. Here are nine of our winter wedding color ideas in 2024 that will give you the opportunity to have a unique and memorable ceremony.

Shop Red Wedding Suits

Red is the first color that comes to mind when thinking of elegant winter wedding suits. It is the perfect color for an event on a red carpet or an elegant ballroom event. A bold color, red, can create a romantic and seductive atmosphere. This color is a bit more festive in the winter and adds an air of whimsy to your aesthetic. Gentleman’s Guru offers tuxedos in so many shades of red that you may have difficulty picking which one is best!

Shop Gold Wedding Suits

Gold is a great choice for winter weddings in 2024 because it symbolizes purity, elegance, and grandeur. With so many variations of this color, it is easy to fall in love with gold for your event. It has been a popular color for events and formal wear in 2024. Bronze is perfect for rustic settings like barns or country homes where it can really make a statement! Copper is another great option if you want something unique and different from everyone else’s weddings this winter. Gold will set the tone for how you want your wedding to look, feel, and be remembered.

Shop Green Wedding Suits

Green is often seen as a good option for winter weddings because it is associated with life and renewal. It goes well with gold and silver accents typically associated with winter weddings. Floral greens make a natural choice for weddings this season. You could use a bright green color in Florida to complement the palm trees and sand. Here are some of the best shades of green to consider: deep green, forest green, and teal green.

Emerald green is also often seen as a popular option for winter weddings because it is associated with elegance, luxury, and nature. It goes well with a variety of colors like silver and blue and goes especially well with red as it reflects the deep shades of this color. You could also use green shades to complement your venue’s light fixtures or even use jade green on your bride’s dress or groom’s wedding suit for a sleek look.

Shop Blue Wedding Suits

Blue is a classic color that can be found in many hues and shades. It has been popular since the late 1700s and it has been used in many different cultures around the world. Its popularity has not faded with time, as it still remains a beloved color today. Blue is often associated with elegance, seriousness, trustworthiness, and intelligence, which makes it an ideal color for weddings during wintertime. It can be used in a variety of ways to create a unique look for your wedding.

Shop Purple Wedding Suits

Purple is a color that appears to be elegant and romantic. It can be used for many different styles and occasions. It has been used for weddings in the past, but it is becoming more popular with brides and grooms who want to go with something unique. There are many shades of purple that would work best for a winter wedding because it has a romantic feel to it. Purple can be combined with other dark colors like black, burgundy, and navy blue to create a rustic theme.

Shop White Wedding Suits

White is an elegant and timeless color that can be used for any wedding. It has a classic elegance and warmth that many people want for their affair. The color can be paired with any other color, which makes white an ideal color choice, that goes well with the party atmosphere and the winter weather. Paired with shades of blue or grey, white is a stellar choice for a winter wedding on Florida’s beaches.

Shop Orange Wedding Suits

Orange and all it’s shades are trending up this year. In the past, orange was considered a “novelty” color. It was used primarily in Halloween decorations and costumes. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that it became a popular color for weddings. It is one of those colors that can work well for any wedding because it has many different shades and can be mixed with other colors to create a beautiful scheme. If you want to keep things simple, choose one bright color and add some neutral tones. On the other hand, if you prefer something more sophisticated, try mixing two or three shades of orange together with white or cream accents. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you might want to consider a rustic orange as your color of choice.

Shop Grey Wedding Suits

Neutral, easy to match, and available in many shades with different color schemes. Grey is a foolproof color for winter weddings in 2024. People are increasingly turning to the traditional color of rust to create an outdoorsy atmosphere or pair it with stark whites and blacks for a more monochromatic look. The guests at your event will enjoy the unique look created by using grey in combination with other bright colors. Adding grey tuxedos and formal wear to your wedding will helps create a cozy feel to your special occasion. This color choice is excellent for the winter season because it looks exceptional on just about everyone.

Shop Black Wedding Suits

Black is associated with high-profile occasions, making it a wonderful idea for a winter wedding. Winter weddings are a popular trend because they’re more elegant and chic. Black will add a sense of power, mystery, and formality to your big day. If you want to ensure that you have the unique color scheme possible, try pairing black with a non-neutral color like green or red. Silver and black combination is often associated with the winter holidays, it’s a fantastic color for a wedding in any season. It will go great with almost anything, making it an option that nearly any bride can enjoy. If you want to make your big day feel glamorous and elegant, silver and black is the perfect color combination.


Brown is a natural color that is the perfect choice for this season. It can be used as an accent color or the main color. The idea for a winter wedding would be to go with a theme that goes with the season – something as simple as a rustic wood table for the reception or a wreath made out of pinecones for the ceremony. There are many different ways to incorporate brown into your wedding without going overboard. You can use brown as a party color or as a guest color. Brown is also good because it has many shades and variations, making it easy to find something that matches your style. The great thing about using brown is that it’s not too common, so you can avoid the possibility of being compared to other people’s weddings in your area.